Mass Hysteria Over Deportations Fueled By Establishment Media Fake News

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s become impossible to turn on the news or read mainstream media accounts and not be regaled with reports that Donald Trump has unleashed a massive force of federal agents to round up and deport every illegal alien in our midst.

Such is the power of the new world order establishment media that this has caused unnecessary angst among the various communities that comprise our immigrant class.  It doesn’t matter that it is simply not true.

There’s a president who puts American first to first neuter and then topple and we can’t let a little thing like the facts get in the way.

Sorry.  But let’s look to the epicenter of illegal immigration, Maricopa County in Arizona, for some raw data to see if the alarm is warranted.

Last year when Obama controlled ICE they deported 2581 illegal aliens from Maricopa Country.  That was an average of over 7 persons every day.

The latest numbers were just released and they show that 249 illegal aliens have been deported by ICE over the first 48 days of 2017.  That’s barely over 5 daily deportations representing a 26% reduction under Trump than Obama.

The mainstream establishment media has become hysterical in attacking President Trump ignoring facts and resorting to outright lying to suit their narrative and that of the Democratic Party desperate to preserve what’s left of its crumbling coalition of support.

President Trump is right, the establishment media isn’t so much his enemy, as it is the enemy of the citizens of the United States.