Manafort Sues Mueller, Rosenstein, and DOJ – Hillary’s Chappaqua Home Bedroom on Fire – Unrelated Incidents or…

Elder Patriot – Could there be more behind these two seemingly isolated events than meets the eye?

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation crumbling and rumors running rampant through Washington of hundreds of sealed indictments awaiting members of the FBI, the DOJ, and the Clinton criminal syndicate, Trump had signaled that he was preparing to move against the Deep State just yesterday.

While legal scholars question the theory that Manafort’s case is built on, discovery is a powerful tool.  And, if that process proves that Mueller is the dirty cop we’re convinced he is then a presidential pardon of Manafort would be forgiven by everyone but the most extreme of Hillary’s sycophants.

Is it possible that Hillary, fearing the outcome of a discovery request to a judge sympathetic to Trump and knowing that the incriminating evidence she’s used to maintain allegiance to her is stored in the bedroom of that home, attempted to destroy that evidence by starting that fire?

Or, did someone simply pour water on her?

Tick tock.