Man Carries Gun Into Walmart… What He Hears Feet Behind Him Lands Him In Internet Fame

Elder Patriot – We live in an unsafe world.  No rational person can argue that fact.  Our response to that fact is what separates the emotional crybabies from defenders of ourselves.  Are we knee-jerk reactionaries or do we look to history and reason to avoid doing something just for the sake of doing something that we will later regret?

During World War II when Japanese emperor Hirohito ordered his Supreme Naval Minister Isoroku Yamamoto to invade the United States mainland he was met with resistance because Yamamoto warned such an attack would be like committing suicide because in America, “there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.”  The attack never took place.

Our Second Amendment kept us safe back then and our Second Amendment rights continue to keep us safe in a myriad of ways today.

Obama’s acceptance of the United Nation’s Small Arms Treaty, along with his Strong Cities Initiative presented a direct threat to our country’s sovereignty.  Our Second Amendment stood in the way of that from happening.

Then there’s the most basic protection that an armed citizenry affords itself.  In a situation where seconds count the police are too often minutes or more away.

Americans who understand this are able to defend themselves and those around them when a crisis situation arises.  This is what led one young mother in Walmart to tell her son, who had asked her about the man behind them in the checkout line who was openly carrying, “People are allowed to have guns.”

She then told her son that if a bad guy walked into the store the man would protect them and make sure they were safe.

That man is Nathan Rohler and he was moved to make this Facebook post of the encounter afterwards:

“I was in the checkout line today at Walmart when a mother and her two kids got in line behind me. I was carrying my firearm and I overheard one of the kids say ‘mommy he has a gun.

“The mom told her kid that ‘people are allowed to have guns.’ As curious as the little boy was he asked his mom why I was carrying a gun. The mom told her son that if a bad guy walked into the store I’d protect them and make sure that they are safe.

“This is one of the reasons why I carry and will continue to carry. Not just for my safety, but for the safety of others as well. Hearing the mom say that made me smile. Knowing I could protect her and her kids made me feel good. There’s no other feeling like that in the world. Guns get a lot of bad reputation in this country, but when carried by the right people, they can potentially save lives.”

For my money I’d rather be in the company of one Nathan Rohler than a thousand feckless liberals when the sh*t hits the fan.  There’s no room for them in my foxhole.