This Makes Five: Another Dem Calls For Civil Unrest

Elder Patriot – Yesterday Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) warned Americans:

“[I]f the president does go ahead and fires Robert Mueller, we would have people take to the streets. I believe there would be widespread civil unrest. Because Americans understand that the rule of law is paramount.”

Really Ted?  What are you trying to tell us?  You and your ilk have been stirring up hatred and civil unrest against Donald Trump since the campaign.  This hasn’t passed the notice of Americans – the majority of whom voted for Trump and continue to support him.

You and your ilk have been set on removing Trump since before he even took office.  If you think you can empower a crooked prosecutor like Robert Mueller to end the Trump presidency then you’re the ones inviting widespread civil unrest.

Nobody cares a whit about Robert Mueller, Ted.  On the other hand, you’re courting a genuine emotionaal response if you continue damaging our wildly popular president.

But, I don’t doubt that that the threat you made on Monday is real:

“I think you’re going have protests and marches and rallies and sit-ins. I believe Americans would not stand for the firing of Robert Mueller. First of all, the president hasn’t been able to point to a single thing that Robert Mueller has done wrong. There is no basis to fire him. And he’d have to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein first in order to fire Robert Mueller.”

Unlike the organically generated carnage you’re courting from the majority of Americans who voted for, and still support President Trump, the people you are dog whistling to are paid anarchists.

Lieu is a close confidant of Barack Obama.  Is he speaking for Obama and warning that the nationwide network of street agitators that Obama built under the banner of Organizing for America (OFA) will be activated?  OFA is a network you’d expect from Al Sharpton not a former president.

OFA is a registered 501(c)(4) that had assembled in excess of 32,525 violent protestors as of last July.  They take their direction from the 250 offices Obama has built across the United States with the help of Valerie Jarrett.  Obama had raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants to fund OFA operations in his first six months after leaving the White House.

Obama has every right, of course, to raise money for whatever cause he believes in but he has no right to your money to fund those causes. But, that’s exactly what he’s doing having arranged tax-exempt status for OFA.

Add to that the ability of radically anti-American groups from, La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC,) Black Lives Matter and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, among others, to rally additional troops and you see why Obama helped organize and fund the racially motivated terrorist organization in the first place.

This will give the appearance of a racially based civil war.

These street agitators will be used to suggest that organic protests are breaking out over disgust with President Trump, just as the pre-election polls were doctored to suggest that a Trump loss was predictable.

Patriots will do what they have always done and stand by watching as these protestors burn their own neighborhoods.  It’ll be a whole other story if they bring their protests to our neighborhoods.