Mainstream Media Shock: Americans Tune Them Out. Will Judge Trump By His Results

ELDER PATRIOT – “Elections have consequences.  It’s the political way for winners to tell losers: Tough luck, you lost. Get over it.” – Barack Obama

With those words our newly elected president told the Republicans to “shove it” and the mainstream corporate media rose as one and told us to give him a chance.  The media didn’t ask Obama how he would reach across the aisle to calm the fears of Republican voters. 

The media proved that they didn’t care about the concerns of those Americans that voted against Obama as over the next eight years they did their best to avoid reporting on Obama’s incredibly divisive policies or his outspoken irreverence for those Americans.

Regardless, Americans did give Obama that chance and despite the media’s obsequious defense of the president and his policies for the entirety of his two terms the people overwhelmingly rejected where he had led the nation.  By the time the 2016 elections were upon us 67% of Americans were disgusted with the direction Obama had taken the nation.

President Obama’s personal approval rating remained high leading to the conclusion that he was one of the great snake oil salesmen in history.  Hillary Clinton possessed none of Obama’s charm so when she decided to run on four more years of the term-limited presidents policies we were privy to how Americans really felt about Obama’s policies.

In the deep blue states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania especially, we witnessed the disgust of the “Bitter Clingers” who Obama attacked before his election and ignored afterwards. 

In 2016, free from the charismatic smile and charms of the departing president the voters rose to reject his policies even when they were promoted by a politician seasoned by three decades in Washington and who was supported by the virtually unanimous adulation of the $2 Trillion media industry.

Our new president has refrained from Obama’s strident and divisive comments and has reached out to those who voted against him to reassure them he intends to be the president of all the people. 

For his conciliatory outreach president-elect Trump deserves the same chance that the media insisted we give Barack Obama eight years ago.  Instead, they began savaging him immediately following his election.

The globalist corporate puppet masters who dictate the mainstream media’s narrative are intent on discrediting Trump even before he takes office.  They have shown us their plan for the next four years – Trump is a racist, sexist, bigoted man who has surrounded himself with similarly hate-filled men and who, now that he has been given power, doesn’t know what to do.

The media has been repeating the same tired talking points for the past week, “Trump’s campaign is in ‘disarray’” they say and the proof comes from the fact that he hadn’t yet told us who the members of his cabinet would be.

The media disingenuously sidestepped discussing the fact that as an outsider Mr. Trump would necessarily take more time to get to know the candidates he wanted to rely on for advice.  Nor did they pause to take into account that Mr. Trump had promised to “drain the swamp” and that would necessarily eliminate many of the usual candidates that previous presidents might find acceptable.

Regardless, Mr. Trump announced three more members to his inner circle on Friday bringing the total to five.  That is more appointments inside the first ten days of an election than any previous modern president.

In fact, President Obama didn’t announce his fifth appointment until the end of his fourth week.  Both presidents Clinton and Carter didn’t make that many appointments until the seventh week following their elections.

Importantly, Mr. Trump’s appointments have been met with widespread approval indicating that our new president has the ability to move quickly and decisively and that has the global elites and their establishment minions very scared that Donald Trump can actually achieve much of what he promised.

Meanwhile, president-elect Trump also announced a five-year moratorium on lobbying for any members of his government and declared that he intended to push for term limits for Congress.  The moratorium on lobbying no doubt further shrunk the field of candidates that Mr. Trump had to choose from.

Every pundit on both sides of the aisle agreed that these are two much needed changes.  At least they did until Mr. Trump announced his intention to actually put them into policy and into law.

While the mainstream media should hold Mr. Trump to account when he is wrong, it’s time to stop the partisan attacks that are only intended to undermine the legitimacy of his election.  The people have spoken and these attacks are doing nothing to help the media repair their sorely damaged reputation that bow finds barely a third of Americans believing they have any integrity in their reporting.

In two years voters will again go to the polls for the mid-term elections and they will let Mr. Trump and the world know what they think of his performance at that time.

The 2018 elections will also tell us if Americans have regained any confidence in the integrity and truthfulness of the mainstream media.  If the media’s performance over the ten days following Mr. Trump’s election are any indication they are more likely to have further discredited themselves than not.

Surely we can survive those two years.  After all, we survived eight years of the Obama presidency, even if only barely.