Why is the Mainstream Media Ignoring Proof That Hezbollah Has a Network of Terrorist Operators in the U.S.?

Elder Patriot – Todd Bensam of PJ Media has been following the cases of Bronx-based Al Kourani and Michigan resident Samer El Debek.  Both “allegedly worked as undercover operatives for Iranian Hezbollah’s notorious “Unit 910” foreign terrorist wing.”

Bensam claims his “report is based on a review and analysis of hundreds of publicly filed court records.”

There is an ongoing federal investigation against Al Kourani that, according to investigative journalist Todd Bensman, “is producing a crush of remarkably detailed revelations emblematic of how 910 has been operating in America in recent years.”

According to Bensam “the other prosecution, not yet clearly connected to Kourani, names Samer El Debek of Dearborn, Michigan, as a 910 operative. Both were arrested in June 2017, but the El Debek proceedings have been purposefully delayed for unspecified reasons, so no new filings there.”

Bensam chronicles the details of both cases in a three-part series here, here, and here.

The fact that there is significant credible evidence that terrorists with ties to Hezbollah have been operating inside the United States should be front page news.  After all, these are open cases not still secret investigations.

Bensam has learned:

Among the documents pouring out of the Kourani case, for instance, are lightly redacted, normally classified internal FBI reports known as “FD-302 forms.” These publicly name 15 people whom Kourani fingered as probable Unit 910 operatives or Hezbollah-linked sympathizers in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Canada. The 302s name a Queens mosque Kourani told them was aligned with Hezbollah, and lists the names of reputed sympathizers involved in credit card fraud, counterfeit clothing businesses, an auto parts theft scam, and exporting cars to West Africa (a familiar Hezbollah global money-laundering hallmark).

That would bring the number of named terrorists to 17 raising the question why suspect names were purposely placed in the public realm.  

As Bensam points out this includes phone numbers, locations, entity names, and email addresses. These should have caused the opening of other investigations that may well be ongoing and could be at risk if targets are exposed.

In the other case, El Debek was charged with eight criminal counts focusing on “highly duplicitous and damaging acts against American security and against the security of American allies like Israel and Panama.”

So here’s the question; with a story this juicy all teed up for them, and federal investigators practically begging for publicity, where in the world is the mainstream media reporting on this?

Answer; this story undermines the mainstream media narrative, that assiduously defends open borders in support of the globalist movement.  After all they’ve told us we have nothing to fear from any immigrants including Middle Easterners.