If the Mainstream Media Were Honest, They Would Be Telling Us How, After Hillary Lost, Dems Resorted to Plan B

Obama’s plan to “fundamentally change America” was his rhetorical way of seducing low information voters into accepting a criminal syndicate as their rulers.  

Elected Democrats eagerly signed on for the riches promised to them or acquiesced to the blackmail created by their personal behavior that Obama confronted them with.

During their eight year reign, the Obama/DNC criminal syndicate literally stole $10 Trillion from America’s taxpayers by tacking it onto the debt that their children will be forced to pay back.   

An earlier generation of Americans fought a war over taxation without representation but Obama – with the help of an equally corrupt media – convinced their ignorant supporters that their children didn’t deserve the same fundamental protection.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected the circle of corruption would have likely been closed forever.

But Hillary didn’t win.  An American patriot gave up his plush lifestyle and willingly threw himself on the grenade he knew Democrats would throw at us if Madame Hillary lost.

The Clinton/Obama criminal syndicate had come oh so close to pulling off the greatest heist in the history of the world – that of the U.S. Treasury and the vast assets of America.

They were not about to slink away into the night without a fight.  They resorted to Plan B and moved into #resistance mode.

Americans had voted to return to a traditional way of life – more robust religion, unfettered capitalism, and a strong sense of national pride – and Democrats could not and would not accept that for two very obvious reasons:

  • Democrats realized that the policies of Donald Trump would be successful in making life better for Americans and in the process expose the reality that the policies they’d been expounding for the past century had diminished the quality of life for the vast majority of Americans.
  • The corruption of the Clinton/Obama crime family, that Democrats had willingly and knowingly signed on to, was likely going to be exposed under an unsullied and honest leader.

To this end, Democrats have become the party of anarchy.  Open borders, and the establishment of sanctuary cities coupled with the refusal to allow law enforcement in Democrat controlled districts to coordinate with ICE is destroying the civil order in America.  

The resistance started with illegally secured surveillance warrants targeting Trump while he was still a candidate and intensified from there.

Immediately following Trump’s election:

Until finally, we arrived at today.  House Speaker Pelosi and her two Stalinist lieutenants, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, orchestrated the current impeachment effort.  One that is so thin on evidence Pelosi has refused to send it to the Senate for trial.

The Constitution be damned.  

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ money man, George Soros has been funding the elections of “Social Justice” DA’s who are committed to further undermining policing efforts with the inevitable result that violent crime will increase:

Let that sink in.  If Democrats can’t win, they prefer to burn the country down rather than ride the coattails of this president’s success as the loyal opposition.

On the Ukraine front, the president’s personal attorney, and heavily credentialed RICO prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani has unearthed what appears to be ground zero for Democrat corruption making Dems more desperate than ever to remove Trump in order to stop Rudy.

Trump has withstood, and disproven, every charge the Democrats have leveled against him since before he was elected, and after nearly three years the success of his policies has resulted in an expanding base of support.

It appears that, against all odds, including the efforts of members of his own party, President Trump is now poised to begin the long overdue house cleaning that voters would have and should have done for themselves over the years.

It is hard to imagine the corrupt narrative engineers at the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., ever recovering their credibility after this.  

Nothing that has happened since the Clintons first started monetizing the sale of American assets – intelligence, resources, military technology, etc. – for their personal gain during Bill Clinton’s presidency would have been possible without the MSM’s unflagging denials and protection of corrupt Democrats.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr and President Trump cannot let this opportunity to drain the swamp slip away.

“I’m also going to bring out a massive pay-to-play scheme under the Obama Administration that will devastate the Democrat Party” – Rudy