Why Has The Mainstream Media Hidden FISA Abuse By The Obama Administration?

Elder Patriot | Why has the mainstream media assiduously avoided reporting about the Obama administration’s disregard of Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections?  

Evidence of the administration’s abuse of the FBI and NSA FISA-702(16)(17) regulations has been known for nearly two years.

Former Justice Department attorney Sidney Powell appeared on investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure to discuss the Obama White House’s illegal political surveillance of candidate Donald Trump during the months leading up to the 2016 election:

That these illegal searches took place are not in question.  FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer wrote a scathing 99-page rebuke of the utter disregard for the law that was shown in allowing access to the NSA database to be violated by third-party contractors:

Top Secret FISA Court Order… by on Scribd

The only question is why has the mainstream media refused to report this abuse over the ensuing two years?

Highlighted screenshots from the video are presented below.  I highly recommend spending the 10 minutes necessary to listen to their entire discussion.

The findings of Judge Collyer are both clear and damning to the trust Americans have placed in the FBI:

Judge Collyer discovered that 85 percent of all database searches were unlawfully carried out by FBI contractors.  (page 82 of Collyer’s report)

The FBI had granted full, and apparently unrestricted access to three private contractors (Fusion GPS among them) allowing them to view American citizens’ private information – phone calls, text messages, emails – without oversight.

That raw information was then used to defraud the FISC in order to attain a surveillance warrant on certain Trump associates.  Because of the so-called two-hop rule, this allowed the FBI to conduct surveillance on then-candidate Donald Trump as well:

Then, high-level Obama administration officials illegally accessed, and unmasked, sensitive protected intelligence on U.S. citizens – members of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Aside from the obvious attempt to smear Donald Trump and his associates, the surveillance likely gave the Clinton campaign a complete picture of Donald Trump’s campaign operations well before they became public.

Thousands of searches took place during 2015 and 2016 prior to the presidential election campaign season.  NSA Director Mike Rogers became aware of the illegally authorized contractor (Nellie Ohr working for Fusion GPS) searches and ordered an audit.  Rogers eventually halted contractor access.