The Mainstream Corporate Mediacracy Claims They Got the Election Wrong. Did They?

ELDER PATRIOT – The short answer is no.  That is because they were never motivated to be correct.  Their job was always to promote Hillary Clinton and the Globalist agenda that she represented.  It’s important to keep in mind that they were drawing their paychecks from the same corporate entities vested in denying Donald Trump’s America First platform.

Now, they tell us that they must sift through the details of what went wrong so that they can prevent themselves from committing the same “mistake” in the future.  In truth this is little more than an effort to rebuild the credibility that they so cavalierly destroyed so that they might have some spurious influence again in the future.

That would be laughable if it weren’t so transparent.  In reality this excuse is a smokescreen intended to put some distance from the election in order to give people a chance to forget with the hope that over time they might recover some degree of credibility with the masses.

Even as they piously claim to have erred by accident, they have begun an offensive denouncing those of us who did get it right as purveyors of “fake” news and that we must be censored in order to protect future elections from being unduly influenced.

The mainstream media fail is being characterized as a failure to correctly predict the mood of the electorate that led to their being so wrong about the election’s outcome.  That isn’t what happened at all.  Theirs was a failure to drag their preferred candidate across the finish line and, nothing more.  Their only failure was in failing to unduly influence the election that they now accuse the alternative media of succeeding at.

They can’t have it both ways.  Not only were they wrong, they were wrong on purpose.  What makes it worse is now that Internet based websites like The Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart, World New Daily, Front Page Mag, as well as our sites,, and among many, many others have proven themselves to present credible alternatives to the corporate mediacracy, they want to discredit our reporting as fake and have us silenced.

This desire to silence those who report the news differently and more truthfully than they do should prove beyond any doubt that the mainstream corporate mediacracy has no intention of ever reporting the truth.  Their only wish is to restore the monopoly that they once enjoyed, a monopoly that allowed anti-American sentiment to dominate our public discourse.

Why is the mainstream corporate mediacracy afraid of us?  We, after all, are not afraid of them.

Perhaps that’s because we know there is no monopoly on truth.