CIA WHISTLEBLOWER: TRUMP WAS RIGHT – Obama Aided & Abetted Terrorists! Exposes Criminal Alliance With Radical Islam & South American Marxists

Foreign policy expert Jamie Glazov recently interviewed ex-CIA station chief Brad Johnson.  They discussed the criminal conspiracy that had the Obama administration at the nexus between Radical Islam and the South American Marxists.

If you can’t watch the whole video – and you should – here are the most important revelations that Johnson made:

  • There are no “lone wolf” terrorist attacks.  Johnson explains the difference between how the intelligence community comes to that conclusion and the legal requirements necessary to present a provable case in a court of law – especially if the presiding judge is a left-wing activist.
    • Through the use of private encoded social media channels such as Telegram terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS troll for, recruit, and then give commands to supposed “lone wolves.”   
    • Obama used the difference between actionable intel and the court standard of beyond a reasonable doubt to defer action against terrorism and to diminish the number of reported terror attacks.  Instead he resorted to categorizing attacks as workplace violence or similarly misleading description.
    • By diminishing the number of attacks categorized as the actions of a self-radicalized lone wolf the Obama administration was able to claim the threat had been neutralized and pull back on their counter-terrorism efforts.
    • Obama packed the courts with left-wing activist judges to backstop this program.
  • Obama froze the CIA’s will to hunt terrorists by ordering the arrest of CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa who had rounded up terrorists and charged her with kidnapping.
  • Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan had been the target of a Saudi conversion program.  Johnson relates that multiple agents within the CIA confirmed that Brennan admitted on numerous occasions that he had converted to Islam.
  • Despite Brennan’s alleged conversion that had been widely discussed with the media no one from the MSM asked about it directly.  Johnson called this an “inconvenient truth.”
    • Johnson concludes that whether Brennan was Muslim or not he had done irreparable damage to the CIA’s counter-terrorist efforts.
  • The connections between the Democrats and the Left in the United States, Radical Islam and Latin America are “absolutely overwhelming” and can easily be confirmed by searching Transnational Organized Crime.
  • Obama deliberately handicapped our military personnel that were stationed in forward positions leading to unnecessary casualties.
    • U.S. military personnel were prohibited from carrying weapons while on base in Afghanistan.
    • Additionally, they were forced to wear brightly colored vests similar to the ones road crews wear at night and were commonly referred to as the “shoot me first” vest.
    • Young men and women of the military regularly wrote letters to their parents that they were more afraid of Obama’s rules than they were of the enemy.
  • “We can defeat terrorism at any time” if we have the will to do so.