Elder Patriot – Outsider Donald Trump spent his first year as president dismantling the Globalist economic cabal.  Last week he charged into the belly of the beast that was meeting in Davos, Switzerland and he left a conquering hero.

Now he returns home intent on dismantling the Deep State that resisted his election and continues to undermine his presidency, not because they hate him but because they refuse to accept his defense and promotion of the American people.

Lou Dobbs has been reporting on the Deep State’s war against Donald Trump since Trump first announced his candidacy for president.  In fact, Dobbs announced his support for the blue-collar billionaire immediately after Trump threw his hat in the ring.

Dobbs is calling on the president to lead American patriots in all-out war against the Deep State that has been robbing us of our liberties and our wealth while advancing the agenda of the Globalist economic cabal.

Dobbs is among the most highly respected political-financial journalists on television.  His show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, has been the highest rated show on either cable business network for more than a year.

When he speaks people listen.  That’s especially good news to the crew working with Alex Jones at Infowars who have been sounding the alarm about the Deep State for longer than two decades.

They’re glad to have Dobbs’ help.