Lou Dobbs: Broward Election Corruption is a Battle for our Country. Nelson, Gillum Lawyers Resort to Sketchy Tactics

Elder Patriot – Lou Dobbs is one of the most astute and patriotic observers of our country’s political scene.  Moulded by five decades steeped in America’s financial markets and a strong – well-earned – cynicism towards the corrupt Washington Uniparty, he was among the very first backers of Donald Trump.

After noon today, the host of Fox Business Network’s The Lou Dobbs Show, tweeted:

“Think this isn’t a battle for the country?”

Dobbs’ question was in response to this video that features the Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak:

Lawyers for Florida Democratic candidates Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson both fought to prevent a non-citizens’ vote from being excluded Friday night, according to a transcript of a Palm Beach County Canvassing Board proceeding obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. – Daily Caller

How many illegally cast votes Democratic lawyers argued to preserve has not been determined at this time.


This is really the whole gang of infamous election riggers from 2016 getting the gang back together for one last caper.

You’ve got Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, you’ve got Marc Elias, and Brenda Snipes.  Marc Elias is really the common denominator with every 2016 election scandal that we saw.

He (Elias) was the general counsel for both the Clinton campaign and the DNC before Clinton was the nominee.  And, that really gets to the heart of what they did to Bernie Sanders. They were really supposed to be running a neutral primary and they were operating as an adjunct of the Clinton campaign in Brooklyn.

When they wanted to do something super sketchy that they wanted to hide from the Federal Elections Commission, they (the Clinton campaign) would pay his law firm but it wasn’t for legal work.  He would turn around and then he hired Fusion GPS and they paid the family of the DOJ official.

From the Daily Caller:

Michael Barnett, chairman of the Palm Beach Republican Party, told The DCNF that the county’s canvassing board was going through provisional ballots and quickly deciding whether to allow or disallow each. This exchange is of the first non-citizens vote they encountered. “We had a court reporter that we hired to sit in the proceedings, which are public,” he said.

The vote was disallowed despite the objections of the lawyers because two of the three members of the canvassing board ruled that it was an impermissible vote, he said.

Marc Elias, a lawyer for Nelson, told The DCNF: “The lawyer who was present was not someone we had authorized to make such an objection. Non-citizens cannot vote in U.S. elections.”

He did not explain how the lawyer, Mr. Scarola, came to be representing Nelson’s interests in Palm Beach.

Barry Richard, a lawyer for Gillum, did not immediately return a request for comment.

How’s that for plausible deniability?