Long-Time Trump Confidant: “Michael Cohen turned on the President because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years”…

Elder Patriot| Lynne Patton has worked for the Trump Organization for more than a decade.

Specifically, she had worked closely with Donald Trump prior to his presidency.  She now runs the largest HUD program in the country.

She is also a person of color which Democrats, remarkably, seized on to further their claims of racism against President Trump and his closest allies during Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony at which Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) invited her to be his guest.

From USA Today:

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., invited Department of Housing and Urban Development official Lynne Patton to attend the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing featuring President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen. Meadows referred to Patton – a longtime Trump associate who sat behind the congressman during the hearing – while disputing Cohen’s claim that Trump is a racist

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, had a heated exchange with Meadows when she said that using Patton as a political “prop” was “racism in itself.”

“Just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them, does not mean they aren’t racist,” Tlaib said.

Perhaps Ms. Tlaib, she of the impeach the motherf*cker comment, would acknowledge that just because someone accuses you of being a racist (or anything else) doesn’t make you one.  After all, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, right Ms. Taliab?

But I digress.

Ms. Patton has a story to tell about Michael Cohen, a story that she posted to her Facebook page more than a month ago – before she heard Michael Cohen’s tortured testimony with which he brought further legal liability to himself.

If Ms. Patton was telling the truth, there’s no reason to believe that she wasn’t, it tells us exactly who Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, the man who appointed him and was charged with overseeing his investigation, are:

They are prosecutors willing to violate the law to take down their target.  The team that Mueller assembled to assist his special counsel office only serves to confirm that.

Mueller’s handpicked personal attack dog, Andrew Weissmann has developed a reputation for resorting to unconscionable levels of prosecutorial overreach lending more credence to Ms. Patton’s statement.

Now here’s the transcript of the court proceeding at which Michael Cohen pled guilty.  Pay attention to page 25, lines 16 through 22. The judge questions Cohen as to whether he was threatened or promised anything in return for his guilty plea.

It’s important to the court that it confirm no prosecutorial overreach was engaged in to extract a confession.

While Michael Cohen denied the threat to his wife when he pled guilty, it doesn’t prove that he wasn’t coerced into making those denials.  Only that he loves his wife and their family – something he reiterated in his opening statement on Wednesday.

Facing far greater legal liability from a trial, and with the prospect of his wife going to prison – being separated from her children and suffering public humiliation – Cohen might’ve done what any lawyer, realizing the deck was stacked against him and who loves his wife and children more than anything, would do.

Take the deal and lie to protect them.  And become a tool of the prosecutors. Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz warned of the dangers inherent in such an arrangement – the potential that the prosecutors would not just get the guilty party to “sing” but to “compose” in order to keep his plea deal.

That theory actually becomes more believable after considering his closing statement on Wednesday.

This wasn’t so much the closing comments of a man confessing his misdeeds and coming clean so much as it was a Democrat campaign infomercial:

“I’d like to say directly to the president: We honor our veterans — even in the rain. We tell the truth even when it doesn’t aggrandize you. You respect the law and our incredible law enforcement agents. You don’t villainize them.

“You don’t disparage generals, Gold Star families, prisoners of war and other heroes who had the courage to fight for this country. You don’t attack the media and those who question what you don’t like or what you don’t want them to say and you take responsibility for your own dirty deeds.

“You don’t use your power of your bully pulpit to destroy the credibility of those who speak out against you. You don’t separate families from one another or demonize those looking to America for a better life. You don’t vilify people based on the god they pray to and you don’t cuddle up to our adversaries at the expense of our allies. And finally you don’t shut down the government before Christmas and New Year’s just to simply appease your base.

“This behavior is churlish, it denigrates the office of the president and it’s un-American and it’s not you.”

Michael Cohen was a “fixer.”  Fixers don’t think this way. They’re legal hitmen.  It’s clear, at least to this patriot, that Michael Cohen was reciting the text given to him by those who now control him.

It may also explain why Michael Cohen, an attorney, willingly attached more criminal liability to himself with his testimony this week.