LMAO: Trump Won’t Meet With Rosenstein Until Thursday

Elder Patriot – What else has been postponed until Thursday?  Yes, the extra-judicial hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers.

So much for the breathless reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was about to be fired by President Trump this morning.  

It should’ve been obvious that the president wasn’t contemplating such a move on Friday after the New York Times attempted to instigate the president to do just that and he didn’t.

Contrary to the way the media has portrayed President Trump, he is patient and a brilliant political strategist.  He has no need to fire Rosenstein and he knows that.

That’s why, at least to me, reports that Rosenstein had been “summoned” to the White House to be fired were laughable.

Rosenstein is in trouble of his own making and President Trump is well aware that the DAG’s days are numbered pending the release of the FISA application and other the documents the president ordered released last week.

Rosenstein’s signature on the fraudulent FISA application proves his participation in the blatant attempt to deceive the court so that surveillance could be conducted on the sitting president. The fraudulent nature of the application becomes immediately evident in reading the so-far redacted portions of the FISC submission.

Rosenstein knows this as well.  He’s aware that he should have recused himself at the outset of the Mueller probe and the fact that he didn’t, and that he was responsible for appointing the special counsel to lord over Trump for the past year and a half, is evidence that he is a co-conspirator in the plot to remove or delegitimize President Trump.

Therefore, it becomes apparent that Rosenstein wanted to force the president’s hand into firing him today.  It’s the one move left to Rosenstein to do damage to the president before the curtain drops on his time at the DOJ.

It is likely Rosenstein made the decision to go to the White House on his own with the intention of confronting President Trump in such a way that the president did fire him so that the mainstream media could begin a feeding frenzy.

Trump rebuffed him when he arrived and told him Thursday would be better.  

Why Thursday?

There are two immediately reasons that come to mind.  First, the country’s attention will be focused on the Kavanaugh hearings taking the air out of reporting about a Trump-Rosenstein meeting.

Second, it is possible that Trump is expecting the FISA application’s release prior to the meeting and Rosenstein will be forced to recuse himself from overseeing the special counsel’s probe once the fraudulent nature of the application is widely known.  

When/if that happens, there will be additional political roadblocks standing in the way of firing Rosenstein if that’s what the president decides to do.

Free of political obstacles, Rosenstein’s firing becomes a simple personnel matter that is well within the president’s authority.