Listen Up: The Most ‘Woke’ Thing a Black Man Can Do Is Get Married & Raise ‘Strong, Intelligent Black Kids’

Elder Patriot – Lonnie Walker IV is an angry young man.  The San Antonio Spurs rookie tweeted his disapproval of our country before deleting it:

He is slated to sign a contract for between $6-7 Millions dollars for his first three seasons.  The average American family won’t be paid that kind of money in 100 years. WTF does he have to be angry about?  

It would be to Walker’s personal advantage to give up being bitter or appearing to be bitter.  He’s only 19-years-old so hopefully he’ll come to the realization that he can have a greater effect on people by being a good role model than by complaining about inequities that he may see.

FS-1’s Chris Broussard decided to offer guidance, rather than hate, to Walker.

Broussard told Walker, who is still only 19-years-old, the most “woke” thing he could do would be to get married and raise strong kids:

“I like that he showed some knowledge of black history and racial consciousness and level of commitment to black people  It’s misguided, and I would say take that and gear it in a positive direction. I would say to him, ‘Look, you want to be revolutionary? You want to be woke? The most revolutionary thing a black man can do in 2018 in America is partner with a wife and raise strong, intelligent black kids who are committed to the upliftment of black people. … Keep the social and moral values that you grew up with in church or the mosque or the temple, because when you get in mainstream America, they try to take those away from you and change you.’

“Finally, I would say to Lonnie, ‘Use your platform, your wealth, your connections, your influence, whatever you get as an NBA player, to help improve the educational, economic and employment opportunities for African-American people. That’s being woke and would be more than kneeling or not celebrating a certain holiday.”