Liberals Expecting an Electoral Comeback Facing a Bad 2018 After Jeff Sessions Announces This…

Elder Patriot – Delusional leftists believing that 2018 is the year that they take back control of Congress as the first step to impeaching President Trump have been dealt another devastating blow, this one by soft-spoken Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Earlier this month Politico ran a blockbuster report detailing how the Obama administration stifled the investigation into Hezbollah’s billion dollar drug operations on the streets of America for political purposes:

“In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.

“The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008 after the Drug Enforcement Administration amassed evidence that Hezbollah had transformed itself from a Middle East-focused military and political organization into an international crime syndicate that some investigators believed was collecting $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.”

Project Cassandra was begun under the Bush administration and ran for virtually the entirety of the Obama administration.

Agents worked out of a top-secret DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, where they used wiretaps, undercover operations and informants to map Hezbollah’s networks.  Thirty U.S. and foreign security agencies assisted in Project Cassandra.  This was by any measure a major operation.

They followed cocaine shipments, tracked a river of dirty cash, and traced what they believed to be the innermost circle of Hezbollah and its state sponsors in Iran.

Politico reports “as Project Cassandra reached higher into the hierarchy of the conspiracy, Obama administration officials threw an increasingly insurmountable series of roadblocks in its way” and “when Project Cassandra leaders sought approval for some significant investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial sanctions, officials at the Justice and Treasury departments delayed, hindered or rejected their requests.”

Why did Obama allow Hezbollah to continue selling drugs to Americans when it was known that the money they derived from that criminal activity would be used to finance its terrorist attacks?  That is the question Jeff Sessions want the answer to.

Sessions announced that he is creating a task force to determine why drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations linked to Hezbollah were squashed after an eight year investigation had turned up ample evidence of wrongdoing including cocaine trafficking and money laundering.

The evidence suggests that the Obama administration turned a blind eye to such activities to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

In making this announcement Sessions said the task has been named the Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team (HFNT).  It is scheduled to begin work by reviewing Project Cassandra that was led by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and targeted the Lebanese terror group’s actions.

Fox Newsrecalled that Hezbollah was created in the early-1980s as part of an Iranian effort to counter the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon during that country’s brutal civil war. The U.S. has designated Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization since the State Department list was created in 1997.”

Sessions left no doubt about his intentions in reopening this investigation when he said:

“The Justice Department will leave no stone unturned in order to eliminate threats to our citizens from terrorist organizations and to stem the tide of the devastating drug crisis.” 

This cannot bode well for those leftists who still can’t bring themselves believe that Obama was a corrupt politician the Democratic Party is an anti-American operation. 

Hate and delusion are not the building blocks of a successful election season for Democrats but they are betting that it will be.

More likely, they will run into questions about their refusal to use intelligence obtained against our nation’s sworn enemies but perverted the same laws to illegally spy on their pro-America opponent.

Project Cassandra is a well-documented investigation, not an open-ended witch-hunt based on nada.  It only needs to be polished a bit before being used to begin deposing Obama and high-level members of his administration who were involved in censoring the findings of it.

After all, the entire basis for court ordered surveillance was to protect us from terrorism.