Liberals’ Culture War on America Is Based on Lies and Lying: Nikki Haley Blasts Back After Being Targeted

Elder Patriot – The left are not our friends. Their sole goal is to turn America into a Marxist state and they will destroy anyone who gets in their way by any means possible.  That includes people of color, women, even the President of the United States.

Among every other tactic the meaning of “Destroy” includes exposing intimate details of their opponents private life. And, when there are no details make some up.

A leftist scumbag whose fifteen minutes of fame had come and gone caused the latest uproar.

While appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” last week, in an effort to sell more books, “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff told more lies.  We know this because Wolff told Maher ‘s audience that he was “absolutely sure” Trump is having an affair.

Wolff just didn’t identify the woman.  Instead, Wolff said discriminating readers would figure who it was by themselves: “Now that I’ve told you, when you hit that paragraph, you’re gonna say, ‘Bingo.’”

That sentence?  “The president had been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley (UN Ambassador Nikki Haley) on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.”

This only adds to the “gross factual inaccuracies” in the book. 

Haley blasted back at Wolff and calling him a liar:

“It is absolutely not true.” 

“I have literally been on Air Force One once and there were several people in the room when I was there.  He says that I’ve been talking a lot with the president in the Oval about my political future. I’ve never talked once to the president about my future and I am never alone with him.”

“So the idea that these things come out, that’s a problem. But it goes to a bigger issue that we need to always be conscious of: At every point in my life, I’ve noticed that if you speak your mind and you’re strong about it and you say what you believe, there is a small percentage of people that resent that and the way they deal with it is to try and throw arrows, lies or not.”

Haley was referring to the times when conservative women speak their minds.  She also could’ve been talking about Black men who have been “lynched, destroyed, and caricatured” for having the temerity to express conservative thoughts.

This was the earliest use of “shaming” but the practice has successfully kept black in line as Democrat voters no matter how to what degree their lives and families have been destroyed. 

Thomas’s brilliant answer effectively ended the hearing when he shamed Dems back a hundred-fold:

“From my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. 

The left lies to get what it wants and its time to base our votes on what leftist policies have wrought on our society and not on the promise of utopian hopes that have never been and never will be.

The history of their policies is abysmal.

How has the War of Poverty turned out?

We are told to pay no attention to the 11,444% increase in welfare costs because that isn’t an indicator of the success of the program.  The success they talk about must be how many politicians and their appointees get rich off of this money along with the electoral success that results from demanding the worst from their constituents and then rewarding them for it.

How’s their “free sex” movement working out?

Right, and it’s a lot worse for minorities:

There’s more evidence that we are losing the culture war to the left:

  • Nearly half (45%) of all pregnancies among U.S. women are unintended, and about four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion.
  • Approximately nineteen percent of pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion
  • Approximately 50 percent married women and 60 percent of married men will have an extramarital affair.  Only 20 years ago a study found that 24 percent of men and 14 percent of women had had sex outside their marriages.

Solid, intact nuclear families are the foundation of free societies.  The left has been so successful in destroying the nuclear family in the United States that our birthrate is no longer sufficient to replace our population.

That has spawned a great immigration debate that has also been corrupted by the left.  They have used immigration to create a lack of jobs for Americans and to suppress the wages of those Americans who are working.  The result?  Fewer Americans can afford to have children or are forced to choose to have fewer children.

The left has even perverted the use of the term “diversity.”  Our nation’s motto is E Pluribus Unum, Latin for “out of many, one.”  Throughout our history Americans of every ethnicity came together to form a great melting pot based on Judeo-Christian teachings.

Today, leftist orthodoxy demands we remain divided us into racial, ethnic, and gender-based ghettos or facing the inevitable “lynching, destroying, and caricaturing” that they use to target anyone who dares challenge their Marxist ideologies.  Such thinkers are called traitors to their fellow (fill in the blank.)

When the left attacks Nikki Haley, Clarence Thomas, or President Trump they are attacking the rights of you and your family to think and speak, as you deem appropriate.  That too, is a measure of a free society.