Liberal Icon Tells Democrats to Stop Lying to America

ELDER PATRIOT – Michael Moore is a liberal, but he is an honest liberal.  When he challenged George Bush over the reasons for going to war in Iraq many on the right called his skepticism treasonous.  As the years have passed the last best defense of Bush’s actions has been reduced to, “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Earlier in this campaign and despite his support for Hillary Clinton he told the world to expect Trump to win because the Democratic Party had turned its back on hardworking middle class voters who had been the backbone of their support in previous elections.

Moore told his audience that, “Trump’s election will be the biggest f*ck you in American history and it will feel good.”

Michael Moore was proven correct on Tuesday night and now he is warning his party and the their minions in the mainstream corporate media to stop lying to themselves by calling the voters who elected Trump, racists.

An African-American guest told Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and their fellow guest Michael Moore that, “in the heart of this country is some deep racial animus that animates the very communities that we’re trying to lift up.”

Before turning the microphone over to Michael Moore, Scarborough challenged that claim: “That racial animus elected Barack Obama twice.  I’m going to repeat it again.  People who live by data should die by data and the data according to the New York Times says this, ‘and let those who have ears to hear, hear the very people who helped elect Barack Obama president of the United States twice, just elected in Wisconsin in Michigan in Ohio and in Pennsylvania Donald J. Trump.’  It’s the data.”

Moore then turned directly to the race-baiting panelist and said, “That’s right.  You have to accept that millions of people who voted for Barack Obama, some of them once and some of them twice, changed their minds this time.  They’re not racist.  They twice voted for a man whose middle name is Hussein.  That’s the America you live in.”

Moore’s honesty must be applauded and should make us all turn inward to reflect on our own all too often reflexive instinct to defend the politicians and policies that we support when evidence is presented to the contrary.  Honest dialogue like this can allow us to build bridges to long-lasting and positive political solutions for all Americans.

Everyone on both sides of the political aisle should acknowledge the honesty that Michael Moore just displayed and we should all endeavor to be as honest with ourselves in the future.