For Leftists Steeped in the Politics of Multicultural Division Trump Leaves Them Nothing to Oppose Him With But Rage

Elder Patriot – Multi-ethnicity has always been a grand idea.  The idea of all people living in harmony and working towards common goals.  Sadly, as with every grand idea, the left used terminology to hijack the concept under the name multiculturalism.

Now, half a century on, we are witnessing the multiculturalists rhetorically tearing apart the bonds that had been built over the past 54 years.  

Make no mistake that from its beginning, the left’s policies has always been to put us into demographic ghettos.  One government policy after another slowly stoked animosities between those who were forced into these ghettos.

Competition for limited resources does that.

While America was experiencing soaring prosperity enough people were able to escape their assigned ghetto largely because they saw only one color.  It wasn’t white, black, brown, or yellow. It was green.

Those who made the green were able to stay above those animosities and even to feel a sense of self-righteousness over their government-mandated financial “contributions” to those less fortunate than themselves.

Meanwhile, the left set about turning everyone into hyphenated Americans and began demanding “rights” for each disparate group.  The left’s siren’s song sounded good but, as we look back with the benefit of hindsight, everything was designed to divide us so that our return to those ghettos would be unavoidable.

Competition for limited resources does that.

Little did rank and file liberals realize that other policies – purchased by international corporations and bankers – would be coming to return them to the ghettos they thought they had escaped.  They accomplished this through international trade deals that benefited consumers but not workers, and corporate profits at the expense of the country’s economic well being and our national security.

Our refusal to stand by our fellow Americans as their jobs were disappearing, meant we essentially voted for politicians to build the walls around our personal ghettos.  We had allowed ourselves to be seduced by marginally lower prices. As the prices of more and more consumables dropped, more and more jobs left.

Competition for limited resources does that.

Eventually, the equation shifted and more workers were turned into chronically unemployed Americans than happy consumers.  

Enter Donald J. Trump.  

When Trump launched his campaign he immediately broke free from the chains of political correctness.  This essentially stripped the left of the major weapon it had been wielding to divide us, drive us back into our ghettos, and to build animus between the electorate.

It also left his opponents defenseless to stop Trump’s plan to restore the American people’s economic prosperity, pride of country and, yes, many Americans’ faith in God.

All are anathema to the globalists’ plan to create a single world government where the rich get richer and the workers of the world at turned into Chinese serfs.

As president, Trump has kept his promises, more so than any president in our lifetime.  The economy is operating on all cylinders, companies are investing in the United States again, and massive funds have been repatriated to help fuel investment.

And most importantly, economists see no end to the growth.  Unemployment is at historic lows across all demographic groups, there are more job openings than workers currently looking for one, and wages are growing for the first time in decades.

The question isn’t whether Trump is succeeding, he is in overwhelming fashion.  The question for his opponents, who spent a century laying the groundwork for the New World Order, is how to stop him?

There is not a single policy that Democrats ran on this year that benefits the American people.  And, certainly not the American taxpayer.

Even after Democrats gained control of the House – something you might say they already had under globalist-owned Speaker Paul Ryan – they advanced nothing but hate and to continue years-old investigations that have yielded nothing.

They are virtually out of bullets.  Except for one and they are beating it to death..  

Keeping in mind that winning the presidency is the real prize they need to undo Trump’s accomplishments and return to the path to globalism, they seek to destroy Trump, personally.  And, his family, friends, and associates, if necessary.=

His opponents seek to do to Trump what they did the Brett Kavanaugh – stoke enough hatred for the man that the public begins to believe the lies about him because they want to.

This is literally all that they have left.

Trump’s ability to get his message to the American people has, to some degree, neutered the globalist-owned mainstream media, putting all of their plans in jeopardy.

This is why the mainstream media has avoided covering any of the good Trump has accomplished for Americans – and there’s been massively good news for America across every spectrum presidents should be evaluated on.  

Instead, Trump’s enemies have focused on demonizing him.  

At any moment, if you get your news from the mainstream media, you’d think:

  • Blacks were being returned to plantations instead of being invited to leave the urban plantations that were built following globalist policies and that are intended to ensnare all of us if they have their way. (read UN Agenda 21)
  • Gays were being tossed from rooftops instead of questioning policies that invite advocates of Sharia law to form communities in our country.
  • Women were somehow being disenfranchised from the American dream for choosing to get married and have babies.

The last point, especially, shows their desperation.  

Trump’s enemies, have gone all in on the effort to vilify white males.  They have taken to “shaming” white women as though they’re under the thumbs of their husbands rather than partners in God’s plan for human relationships.

The very Americans who built this country – without the aid of government, thank you very much – are now being demonized.

This is a deliberate attempt by the globalists’ multiculturalists to offer up white males in general, and this president in particular, as source of blame for any perceived slights or shortcomings they find in their lives.

Keep them divided so that those on the margins return to their ghettos.  That’s how elections are won.

This is sick.  But it’s all they have.