At Least Fifty Dead and Fifty-Three Injured In Orlando Gay Nightclub by Islamic Extremist

ELDER PATRIOT – Despite repeated signals coming from Europe that Muslim immigrants are not assimilating and are, in fact, becoming increasingly violent towards their hosts, the Democratic Party and the Neocon wing of the Republican Party have been accelerating the funding and importation of Muslim immigrants into our country that the government acknowledges they have no way of vetting.

It has been just a matter of time before the Muslim community would begin producing the same radicalized Islamic believers who would employ terrorist tactics here in the United States. 

Last night in Orlando, Florida a radicalized Islamic terrorist opened fire in the Pulse, a prominent gay bay in the city.  After a lengthy investigation is completed President Obama will be forced to discount workplace violence as the motive.  Perhaps he will fix the victims’ cause of death on having partied too hard.

We do not need a bi-partisan commission, equally divided among neocons and progressives, that spends a million dollars seeking a focus group tested, politically acceptable explanation that will mollify the people of this country until the next attack.  We need the truth.

Clearly, this was not a murderer who just happened to be Muslim.  That would be senseless but acceptable.  This was a Muslim who murdered because his faith commanded him to.  It was senseless and unacceptable.

Until the people of this country accept the truth and stop apologizing for the actions of others this problem will only continue festering and growing.

It’s time to openly blame the Neocons and the Progressives for the security mess they’ve created and recognize that what fueled our melting pot into a great nation was our common religious beliefs not our diversity.