What Leadership Looks Like: Republicans Forced to Embrace Building the Wall

ELDER PATRIOT – Establishment Republicans have contented themselves being labeled “feckless” and willingly accept being accused of lacking courage rather that put an end to illegal immigration.  They even rallied around John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Jeff Flake’s (R-AZ) Gang of Eight attempt to give those in our country illegally legal status. If not for a surprise upset of incumbent globalist Eric Cantor by conservative Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th District they would’ve had the votes to join the entirety of the Senate Democrat caucus in passing it, too!

Had it passed, another important upset would not have taken place, the election of Donald Trump.  But Trump will be our new president and his leadership is already on display as Republicans who previously opposed building a wall on our southern border for political reasons are now lining up in support of building it for…political reasons.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said that every initiative of President Donald Trump will have to be revenue neutral.  If that’s the case he’ll have a hard time making an argument against building the wall and curtailing illegal immigration once Trump puts the incredible cost of illegal aliens in front of the public and privately reminds McConnell of every non-revenue neutral policy he’s endorsed during his 32 years in the U.S. Senate.

Trump recently pegged the cost of building the wall at $10 billion.  CNBC claims the cost could be $15-25 billion.  Who should we believe, the mouthpiece for the establishment that has a record of overpaying for everything or a builder-turned-president who has a reputation for delivering major projects under budget and ahead of schedule?

Trump is about to teach the government how to invest in America’s future, a phrase that Washington politicians throw around on the campaign trail but wouldn’t recognize it if it hit them in the face.

In the private sector today’s investors are clamoring to put their money in deals that return 8% annually.  In the best of times the annual return investors seek could be as high as 20%.  A return of 20% means that investors would have the amount they invested returned to them over a five-year period while still enjoying returns into the future.  Keeping this in mind let’s take a quick look at the annual return we can expect from a border wall.

According to CNN there are an estimated 74,000 illegal immigrants in federal and state prisons that the Office of the Federal Register reports cost at least $30,000 annually to house and feed.  That number continues to grow.  Deporting them and blocking their return path with the wall would save $2.2 billion annually.  Alone, this represents a 22% return on investment (R.O.I.) and is more than enough reason to build the wall.  But there’s more, much, much more.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “The cost of immigrant welfare use varies by the immigrants’ region of origin and the highest-cost households are those headed by immigrants from Central America and Mexico, consuming an average of $8,251 in welfare spending.”  Newsmax reports that the total cost of welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants is over $103 billion annually.  If only 10% are here illegally and they are entering through our southern border the wall would be paid for in less than twelve months.  That fits McConnell’s tight restriction that the wall must be revenue neutral immediately.

There are billions to be saved elsewhere as well. 

A wall would greatly reduce the cost of enforcing our southern border that, according to The Economist, currently costs us $18 billion annually.

Daniel Sayani writing for The New American discussed the costs of providing medical care in only three border states: the costs of medical care for immigrants are staggering. The estimated cost of unreimbursed medical care in 2004 in California was about $1.4 billion per year. In Texas, the estimated cost was about $8.5 billion, and in Arizona the comparable estimate was $4 billion per year.”

Add in the cost of building and staffing schools, increased policing costs, increased court costs including public defenders, increased FBI surveillance costs, increased auto insurance rates to cover uninsured immigrant drivers, the displacement costs associated with displaced native-born workers that includes welfare and unemployment costs, the devasting effects of violent crime, etc., etc. and suddenly bearing the cost of building the wall makes infinite sense.

Heck, this makes so much economic sense that even some Democrats may be forced to vote in favor of building that darn wall!

As the United States embarks on a course to an economic renaissance and renewed prosperity, illegally entering though the southern border will become all the more attractive to many Central and South Americans that will only increase the financial burdens they bring to us.

While these establishment politicians have been asking – no, insisting against our will – that we show compassion for the “Dreamers” we should be demanding that they show the same compassion for our children who they have, with knowledge and forethought, already burdened with tens upon tens of trillions of dollars in debt..

Finally, we have a president who will hold the Washingtonian elites to account.