Leadership!!! GOP Senator Says Distrust of Government Can Be Fixed With a New Narrative.

ELDER PATRIOT – In an amazing display of audacity, never-Trump GOP Senator Ben Sasse accused the president of helping to erode the peoples’ trust in United States’ institutions.

During an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation told the host that, “I think it [the firing of James Comey] exacerbates the erosion of trust in our institutions.”

Either Sasse is tone deaf to voters’ disgust with government, or he’s an apologist for government corruption.

Sasse also appeared on CBS Sunday Morning where he called for “a shared narrative” about America to combat the erosion in confidence in institutions.  Sasse said, “We need to have a shared civic understanding of America” before partisan politics.”

Is Sasse kidding?  He’s blaming Trump for Americans’ distrust of government and then tells us we need another narrative and everything we be better? 

Hey Sasse, long before Donald Trump kicked the door down and forced his way into the political debate most voters had grown sick of the sewer these institutions had been turned into by politicians like you.

Evidence of the peoples’ disgust came from Trump’s poll numbers immediately after he began promising he would “Drain the Swamp.”  Trump beat 16 highly polished and respected GOP contenders precisely because he wasn’t one of them.

We have grown sick of narratives that explain away failed entitlement programs, wars with no end, and declining median family incomes while amassing unfathomable debt. 

We don’t need another narrative we need a housecleaning and the people elected Donald Trump to do just that.

These institutions have earned whatever distrust Americans may harbor towards them because Senators like you did nothing to demand they meet their missions.  There is no excuse for spending $4 trillion to prop up a failed government.  All we get from duplicitous pols is deflection and apologetic narratives. 

The American people sent Donald Trump to Washington to clean up the mess made by you and your cohorts in the House and the Senate.  Blaming Trump for the mess you helped make is shameless.

If you don’t understand this then hopefully the next narrative that comes from you is one explaining why Nebraskans rejected you in your next primary fight.