After Last Night’s Protests American Flags That Sit Atop Philadelphia City Hall Have Gone Missing

ELDER PATRIOT – Alex Pfeiffer writing for the Daily Caller has reported that, The six flag poles on top of the Philadelphia City Hall are bare Thursday morning.”

Initially, people figured the Democratic Party had ordered the removal of American flags everywhere in the city as they had ordered to be done at the Wells Fargo Center that has been the home of their convention the past three nights.

But, according to Pfeiffer, a city official talking on the condition of anonymity said they had been moved to the site of the Democratic National Convention after Hillary’s convention organizers came under increasingly intense criticism over the past three nights for the lack of patriotism being displayed by the Democratic Party.

It’s impossible to believe that the Clinton campaign, that is gearing up to spend $2 billion this election cycle, didn’t have the money to buy six American flags. 

It’s possible that no one in Hillary’s traveling party could bring themselves to buy the American flags.  But, the most plausible explanation is that once this convention is over the Clintonistas believe they’ll have no further use for them so why should they waste the money.  Instead they commandeered them instead from the host city.