“What kind of government would cancel the vote of its own citizens, and replace it with noncitizens?” Democrats Just Voted to Do That

Elder Patriot| The House voted 228-197 against banning illegal aliens from the right to vote, yesterday.  

Of those 228 voting to allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections, 227 were Demonrats.

Only six Democrats voted against the motion.

Following the vote Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said:

“It sounds like I’m making it up  What kind of government would cancel the vote of its own citizens, and replace it with noncitizens?”

For those who don’t quite get what the big deal is, here is a quick civics lesson.  Consider that the essence of a representative republic is the citizens’ right to determine the leaders and direction that their government takes.

This includes control over the taxing authority they vest in their elected leaders who use that money to redistribute to their constituencies to guarantee their re-election.

With this vote, Democrats would be empowering illegal aliens, who comprise a large percentage of the lower economic demographic, the right to vote to increase their share of your tax dollars.

With many local elections decided by less than a thousand votes, even only hundreds of votes, rank and file Democrats should think very hard before they hand control of the wallets over to the votes of illegal aliens.

The absurdity of this is striking when you realize that American citizens who live in other voting precincts are breaking the law if they vote in a district they aren’t legally a resident of.

The fact that Democrats would effectively diminish the value of each American citizen’s vote in favor of a person illegally in our country is stunning.

It also reveals just how little the Demonrats respect you and your money.  This effectively sanctifies sanctuary cities for at least another two years or until control is returned to Republicans who hopefully, unlike the previous congress under Paul Ryan, would cut off funding sanctuary cities and states.

The vote was in response to a motion advanced by Republicans to amend H.R. 1, the first bill of the Pelosi-led Congress.  H.R. 1 is drenched in Marxist control mechanism. It should more aptly be named the F— the People Act because it would:

  • use YOUR tax dollars to support political candidates you don’t agree with;
  • gives a 6:1 federal match of “small donations,” which are defined as being less than $200. There is no requirement that those donations come from within the congressional district or state. There is no mechanism for policing this to ensure any one or group of left wing billionaires doesn’t set up a boiler room to send hundreds of thousands of $200 contributions to radical leftist candidates.
  • regulate speech that mentions a federal candidate or elected official at any time;
  • regulate the online speech of American citizens;
  • end the long-standing parity in the campaign finance law between corporations and unions;
  • turn the Federal Election Commission from a balanced board of three Republicans and three Democrats into a partisan commission with a 3-2 majority;
  • mandate that all states adopt same day voter registration, automatic voter registration, no-excuse absentee voting, and other provisions that undermine election integrity;
  • mandate that all states adopt redistricting commissions that take the power to draw congressional districts away from our elected state officials and give it to unelected bureaucrats;
  • declare that Congress supports DC statehood.

The motion, advanced by Crenshaw, was made to add to a simple “sense of the House” statement that illegals should not be allowed to vote in federal elections – a mere affirmation of the U.S. Constitution.  Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

I ask my dwindling number of Democrat friends, how much more does your party have to disrespect you and your right to have a say in running the government by We the People before you realize your party has been moving you towards accepting totalitarian governance for more than a half century?

“This is one of those times when you really want to tell the Vichy Republicans that encouraged voting to flip the House to “teach Trump a lesson” or as a “check on Trump” to just f*** the f***ing f*** right off. And Justin Amash’s fan club (the lone Republican to vote against the MTR) owes us all an answer on why he’s in favor of illegals voting.”  – Streiff

There isn’t enough Kool-Aid in the world for voters to support this group of Democrats, is there?