Kimmel Secretly Adds More Security After Calling for Gun Control… Then James Woods Steps In

Elder Patriot – Jimmy Kimmel has gone all-in to be Chuck Schumer’s leftist shill.  Whatever the issue, Kimmel uses his late-night platform to make emotional appeals to an audience that is otherwise incapable of reasoned thought.

This week he transitioned from defending Obamacare – the healthcare monstrosity that priced health insurance out of the reach of more Americans than it helped, doubled and in some areas tripled costs, and resulted in reduced services for everyone, but hey it sounds good – to gun control in the wake of the ISIS inspired shooter that mowed down close to 600 concert goers.

Kimmel’s emotional rants have been met with rational alternative arguments from critics and he has reacted like most liberals do – he cries and he arms himself.

His nightly crying attacks has prompted street artist Sabo to rename Kimmel’s show, “The Estrogen Hour,” and to place posters all over town:

Kimmel tweeted the usual highbrow liberal response to these posters:

But it’s the shear hypocrisy of Kimmel’s actions that is most infuriating. 

It’s been reported that, “ever since Kimmel re-ignited his campaign against the Republicans’ health care proposals, the comedian has had some issues with protestors at the show.”

Poor baby.  Welcome to the right side of the aisle, the one where your home would be vandalized for having a Trump lawn sign on it or your car keyed and windows smashed because a Trump-Pence bumper sticker was on it.

Kimmel was so shaken that there were Americans who are outspoken about defending what remains of the Constitution after eight years of Obama that The Blast reported, “We’re told the show has responded by adding security to the tapings — increasing personnel at both the front and back entrance.  According to our sources, the additional security consists of highly trained, off-duty police officers.

That prompted James Woods to tweet this:

Woods’ tweet was playful but it points out at least one serious hole in Kimmel’s argument.  In July alone the ABC News affiliate in Chicago reported 410 shootings with 74 resulting in fatalities.  The strictest gun control laws anywhere offer little protection from criminals who ignore them.

The fact is Kimmel knows this, which is why, after he used his talk show to rail against gun rights following the Las Vegas massacre he expanded his own armed security force.

Hey Kimmel, you open borders creep, if you can’t stop drugs from coming across our open borders so that their availability is everywhere and on demand, how do you propose stopping guns from getting into our country?

As long as you campaign for open immigration for Muslims whose backgrounds and affiliations cannot be verified, you are inviting more ISIS and al Qaeda attacks at the same time that you want to disarm us so that we cannot protect ourselves even as hypocrites like you and George Clooney ramp up your armed protection.

Either you know exactly what you’re doing or you’re a useful idiot like Tokyo Rose, Jane Fonda and Baghdad Bob.  In any event you are a greater threat to the health and welfare of Americans than a world without Obamacare and gun controls could ever be.