KIMdotCOM & HANNITY Prove That Podesta Ordered Seth Rich’s Murder

ELDER PATRIOT – Internet hacker Kim Dotcom’s declaration that he was involved with helping murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich pass Hillary Clinton’s campaign C.E.O. John Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks has Washington in panic.

Dotcom put the lie to the Democrats’ claims that Russia was involved in anyway.

Saturday’s Internet post by someone with intimate knowledge of Seth Rich and why he intentionally leaked evidence of Democrats’ illegal voter registration to Wikileaks has multiplied the panic exponentially:

Less than 10 minutes later the source followed up with this post:

There will be no avoiding the truth being heard now.  Democrats overplayed their hand thinking they had enough corrupt individuals in place to turn this into a political argument that it might lead to impeachment, but that it would at least seriously damage President Trump’s ability to move his agenda through.

Once Trump fired Comey the Dem’s most important firewall was gone.  The possibility that the veracity of these revelations will finally be proven has also left some high-ranking Republicans squeamish and fearful.

In a delightful example of Schadenfreude, the Democrats insistence on bringing down President Trump, rather than working with him has resulted in the appointment of a Special Counsel who will have broad investigatory powers beyond simply looking for involvement by Russia.

The Democrats criminal enterprise is about to be blown sky-high and they have only themselves to blame.