Is Tim Kaine Responsible For The Assassination Attempt On Republican Congress Members? Here Are The Facts

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s hard to believe that Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine publicly applauded and encouraged the violent protestors for their anarchistic behavior directed towards Donald Trump.  But, he did and now Republican Congressman Steve Scalise is lying in a hospital fighting for his life, having been shot early this morning by a rabid Democrat socialist.

Kaine, having witnessed the property damage, arson, vulgarity, and physical attacks against supporters of Donald Trump in the wake of the election encouraged still more of this lawlessness during an interview with Morning Shmo and his Marxist girlfriend.  Rather than trying to temper the violence that had become the practice of these street radicals he decided to throw gasoline on the fire by calling for more of the same, “We’ve got to fight in the streets.”

It came no surprise then that the former Democratic vice presidential nominee defended the illegal and violent behavior of his son, Linwood.  Linwood was part of the black clad Antifa animals that had forced their way into the Minnesota State Capitol using smoke bombs, mace, fireworks and tasers, causing injury to anyone who dared get in their way that day.  Antifa’s violence is aimed at conducting a socialist overthrow of our duly elected government. 

After Linwood was subdued and arrested papa Kaine had this to say about his son: “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues.”

Lordy, if I may steal that word from Jim Comey, what would life in the United States be like for those who disagree with the Obama-Clinton-Kaine Marxist agenda had Hillary won Obama’s third term?  Kaine won’t even effort to keep his own son from breaking the law. 

Had Kaine been elected he would’ve followed Obama’s lead and fostered complete anarchy through anti-American groups like Black Lives, Matter, The Black Panthers, La Raza, A.N.S.W.E.R., et al., in the Democrats endless quest to turn us into a social country.

It’s hard to know just how much Kaine’s words influenced today’s shooter but there can be no doubt his words didn’t discourage it.

Similarly, Obama and Clinton’s silence following today’s carnage, when compared to President Trump’s calming and reassuring comments in the wake of today’s shooting should prove to everyone how lucky we are that Donald Trump put these despicable scum in America’s rearview mirror.