Kathy Griffin’s New Role

ELDER PATRIOT – Every mother lays awake at night hoping that their sons never run afoul of certain types of women.  These women can be charming when they want to be but eventually, when they show their true colors and are called to account they summon all of their feminine wiles and paint themselves as the aggrieved party.

These women are commonly referred to as manipulative bitches by their victims.  That term defines Kathy Griffin to a “T”.

On Wednesday, D-list comedian Kathy Griffin stepped over the line when she released this carefully staged photo while appealing to … well that’s hard to say whom she was appealing to unless it was an ISIS jihadist.

Immediately those doing business with her began severing (I apologize for the poor choice of words) ties with her.  So like a free-spending arm candy wife who just got caught bedding the gardener and is facing losing her moneybags husband, she has decided to claim mental cruelty as a defense.

In perhaps the most transparent display of hubris ever witnessed in a 48-hour span, Kathy Griffin laid claim to the title of most manipulative bitch in history when she summoned her acting skills and broke down in tears while complaining about the constant attacks from the public and members of the Trump family over the past two days.

The presence of her lawyer standing should-to-shoulder with her at a press conference made her accusation that President Trump and his entire family “intimidated” her ring hollow and disingenuous.  

Griffin played the media at her conference like a Stradivarius, breaking down in tears, crying about receiving unsubstantiated death threats, and even managing to incorporate the hot button blame whitey excuse claiming that a “bunch of old white guys were trying to silence” her!

Griffin’s offensive defense just isn’t going to play well with anyone except Cruella De Vil.  The crocodile tears were a nice touch, though even if she did borrow them from Chuckie Schumer.

Griffin should be kissing the ground that President Trump walks on for not insisting that 18 U.S. Code § 871 – Threats against President and successors to the Presidency be invoked.

President Trump has taken on a herculean task that he didn’t need just to to help average hardworking Americans reclaim control of their government from the global elites.  If a**holes like Griffin don’t realize this or worse, if they are actually knowingly carrying the water for the elites, then they should beware that they are in for far worse if anything happens to our President Donald J. Trump.

Griffin did this to herself and she should accept the blame.  It’s what old white men do.

Griffin isn’t only every mother’s worst nightmare she is every patriotic American’s worst nightmare.  And, unless she, and scum like her abandon these tactics they’ll soon be living their worst nightmare.