Kafkaesque… CNN Gets Award For Conspiring With the State to Ruin Roger Stone

There was a time not too long ago when news organizations would receive accolades for exposing abusive government practices.  Those days are gone now, washed away with the Marxist revolution that has taken root in our major cities… our so-called media centers.

Affirmation of major media’s sea change comes from an award that CNN was given for its infamous role in covering Roger Stone’s 2019 arrest at the hands of, what can best be described as, jack-booted government agents.

The White House Correspondents’ Association announced that the award for journalism was given to CNN on Tuesday for the network’s reporting of the FBI’s Gestapo-like raid and arrest of Roger Stone.

From the judges:

“CNN’s reporting on the Roger Stone arrest began a month earlier, with a clue about a court scheduling anomaly. Then came unusual grand jury activity. Then an odd, packed suitcase wheeled by one of the prosecutors in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Stone.  It culminated early in the morning of Jan. 25, 2019, when a CNN producer and a photojournalist, staked outside of Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale, captured the 5 a.m., no-knock raid by the FBI of the former confidant of President Donald Trump.”

According to sources with knowledge of the events, the facts tell a different story.

  • CNN reporter Sara Murray emailed a draft of Stone’s indictment to his attorney Grant Smith, a little after 6 am. 
  • The draft had no time stamp or court markings but it did have meta-tags with the initials of it’s author, Andrew Weissman.  Weissmann shouldn’t even be employed by the government after destroying accounting giant Arthur Anderson and the jobs of 80,000 people who had worked there, only to later be reversed by the Supreme Court, 9-0.
  • Stone’s lawyers only learned of his arrest from a call with CNN reporter Murray.  
  • This same document was blast emailed to the media by the Office of Special Counsel at 7 am – even though it was not unsealed until 9:30 am by a Federal Magistrate in DC.  WTF?
  • The fact that the FBI executed a search warrant at the same time that they executed the warrant for Stone’s arrest suggests that the leak of the planned execution of a search warrant is a felony.
  •  A formal complaint about the inappropriate and illegal use of a sealed document was rejected by judge Amy Berman Jackson. 
  • Murray was in possession of the draft indictment proving CNN’s claim that their presence at Stone’s home was based on a “journalistic hunch“ was fabricated.
  • The FBI continues refusing to turn over the email chain between CNN and the FBI. 

Regardless of all the improprieties known to CNN, they allowed themselves to be used as a megaphone to blast and amplify the Deep State’s attack on President Trump by going along with the destruction of Roger Stone.  

CNN aired live the raid conducted by an estimated 29 heavily armed SWAT and FBI agents as they surrounded Stone’s home as though he was a terrorist or violent criminal known to be armed and dangerous. 

The agents were in full SWAT gear and brandishing assault rifles.  According to a source close to Roger Stone, they arrived in 17 armored vehicles with a government helicopter overhead and two FBI amphibious units on the canal behind his house.

The estimated cost to taxpayers… $1.1 M.  It was nothing more than a PR stunt to bolster a case that had no evidence to support it.

… They seem to have ignored all exculpatory evidence that was building up and continued pell-mell to push it [the investigation] forward…  Attorney General William Barr

To Mueller and Weissmann, destroying someone who stood in their way of taking down President Trump, whether warranted or not, was just another day at the office.  See Lt. General Michael Flynn.  And, to the incurious at CNN, they went right along plating the fool.

At worst, if the allegations in the indictment were proven true, Stone would be guilty of a white-collar crime and should’ve been afforded the opportunity to turn himself in… something he should have been afforded based on a number of facts:

  • Stone’s previous cooperation with the OSC.
  • Stone had no previous criminal record.
  • The special counsel‘s claim that Stone had to be arrested in this over the top manner because he was a “flight risk“ was disproved by the fact that, only hours later, the government required no cash bond for his release at arraignment .

According to Stone neither he or his attorney was offered that option.  His assertion has not been challenged by anyone involved:

The dead end street on which Stone lived was sealed off.  Only the CNN camera crew was allowed in the restricted area.  Stone’s neighbors were advised by the FBI to stay in their homes because the situation was “dangerous”… why was CNN given access? 

According to Stone, a review of the security camera footage his attorneys supplied to the house intelligence committee and aired by both FOX and Sinclair clearly show FBI agents speaking with the CNN crew several times prior to the FBI agent banged on his front door.

Proof that the WHCA is all-in to take down President Trump comes from awarding CNN an award for excellence in reporting after it refused to tell the whole story…  The essence of good journalism is admitting your mistakes.

That’s something that is glaringly missing from members of today’s WHCA… Russia collusion, obstruction, Ukraine, the CCP virus and lockdowns, and now passing the looting, violence and arson off as peaceful demonstrations… all demonstrably lies.  Yet they persist in repeating them as though we are stupid and don’t know what we’re looking at.

Consider this recap by The Conservative Treehouse at the time:

The prosecutors allege Mr. Stone made multiple false statements to the House Intelligence Committee about his interactions with “Organization 1″ [WikiLeaks].  Thus it appears this is the reason why the currently corrupt DOJ and FBI have kept the transcripts hidden from public review.

If the public had the opportunity to review congressional witness testimony it would be much harder for current DOJ and FBI officials to shape a prosecutorial opinion of those statements.  Thus, Robert Mueller’s team keeps the testimony hidden so they can weaponize innuendo, and legal differences of opinion, for maximum political damage. 

The SWAT-style pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort, and the way they treated him and his wife, along with the manner of the raid on Michael Cohen, was all done purposefully hoping to draw a reaction from Trump, which they would add to the obstruction file. 

The outrageous military-style manner of arrest of Roger Stone is another example. The scale of it; heavily armed swat teams, tanks etc; and the fact that Weissmann enlisted CNN for the purpose of intentionally broadcasting the outrageous nature of the arrest, was by design. Mueller and Rosenstein were trying to provoke a response from Trump…

The entire Mueller team was working to goad President Trump into something Mueller could then color/construe as obstruction and then open House impeachment grounds.

It now appears that Stone’s only transgression was being a close friend and longtime associate of President Donald Trump at a time when the special counsel was growing increasingly desperate to goad President Trump into committing obstruction of justice.