Just In: Gold Star Widow Releases Video Of Entire Private Call With President Trump – What It Reveals PROVES Once & For All Trump Was Right

Elder Patriot – The lowest form of human life is people who seek to benefit from the tragedies that befall of others. 

In the past this included low lives that scanned the obituaries for the times of interment so that they could rob their homes while loved ones were at the services.

But Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson has outdone even the worst scum-suckers of the past.  In fact it is impossible to envision anyone can slither under the bar that she’s now set.

Wilson has taken to calling herself a rock star for intruding on a private moment between President Trump and Gold Star widow Natasha De Alencar whose husband was killed in Niger.

The worst than despicable Wilson first claimed that she had listened to the whole phone call and then backtracked and claimed that she only heard President Trump being uncaring by saying “your husband knew what he was singing up for.”

Yesterday, Chief of Staff General John Kelley, himself a Gold Star father, explained to an embarrassed press gaggle how even that, in context, could be part of a sympathetic message to grieving next of kin.

But wait, the lying Florida congresswoman was lying about even that!

Now the Gold Star wife has decided to release a video of her phone call when she received President Trump’s condolences and there’s not a hint of those supposedly indelicate words spoken that Fredericka accused the president of speaking – in context or out of context:

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation.  What a horrible thing except that he’s an unbelievable hero and you know all the people that served with him are saying how incredible he was, and just an amazing, an amazing guy.” –President Trump to Natasha De Alencar

Meanwhile MSNBC, CNN, and the major news programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC blistered the president solely on the word of a now discredited Democratic Party operative instead of doing the legwork like Sean Hannity has done to present us evidence rather than lies and innuendo.

So, yesterday, as news of the Obama-Clinton-Russian uranium scandal was breaking these charlatans of intrepid news reporting used this woman’s heartbreak to attack President Trump in order to obscure the real source of Russian collusion.