She Just Doesn’t Give a Sh*t About You

ELDER PATRIOT – There is much compelling evidence to warrant an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s health.  But, rather than go down that road, let’s take her campaign’s word for it that she’s as healthy as a horse.  What then, to make of Mrs. Clinton’s virtual disappearance from the campaign trail for much of August?

Well, she’s actually been quite busy.  Breitbart News has compiled a list of her plans from August 19th until the end of the month:

“According to ABC News, Clinton attended five fundraisers in Martha’s Vineyard last weekend and is leaving today for California where she will host seven more fundraisers in just three days. Later this week, according to Politico, she will head to the wealthy East Coast Hamptons area where she will hit nine additional fundraisers.

It looks like Mrs. Clinton is prioritizing her activities in her usual manner, instead of hitting the campaign trail and show her concern for the needs of the people, she’s monetizing the political system to inure to her own benefit.

Doug Schoen, one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for the past thirty years and a supporter of Mrs. Clinton, is a contributor to Fox News.  He’s recently been touting Mrs. Clinton’s electoral prospects based on the fact that she’ll have raised $2 billion to spend in her election bid. 

That kind of money allows room for a lot of shenanigans, something the Clinton’s have become expert at.

The Sunlight Foundation explains what happens to any leftover campaign money:

“For those campaigns and super PACs with money left over, the question is: What exactly will happen to it? Campaigns have a number of options. They can return money to donors, donate it to charity or give it to party committees.”

Whoa!!!  This means any monies remaining in her campaign chest following the election can be “donated” to the Clinton Foundation.  Mrs. Clinton and her husband Bill have been using their foundation to launder money since before she was Secretary of State.

Mrs. Clinton has skirted every law necessary in her quest for money.  She is running her campaign in the same manner. 

Either that, or she just doesn’t give a shit about you.