Just In: California Votes to Become Mexico’s 32nd State

Elder Patriot -When it comes to California you just can’t make this shit up. Labeling the state the land of the fruits and nuts doesn’t come close to describing just what a sick place it is. 

Remember, this is the state whose residents voted to raise their state income tax to 13% and then re-elected the same government that spent them billions of dollars further into debt after they were given those increased tax receipts.

On Friday, California’s assembly approved a bill that would limit police cooperation with federal authorities when federal immigration officials request additional time in which to take illegal alien prisoners, who were arrested for other offenses, into custody.

Then, early on Saturday the state senate also voted to approve the measure and passed it on to Governor Jerry Brown.  Governor Moonbeam has promised to sign it.

Essentially the bill doesn’t prohibit jail and prison authorities from notifying federal immigration officials but neither does it require them to notify the feds when the have an undocumented immigrant with a felony arrest record in custody.

It’s evident that California now considers itself Mexico’s 32nd state.  State leaders refuse to recognize federal law instead opting to welcome immigrants no matter the numbers or whether they arrive legally or illegally.

Californians have been allowing their leaders to ignore federal immigration laws for so long that they have become visitors in their own state.  If you doubt this take a look at this graph that appeared in the L.A. Times in 2014:

If California insists on seceding from the union we should seriously consider how to make it happen while protecting our nations security interests in the process.  With 55 electoral votes, 55 representatives in Congress, and two senators, it’s like giving Mexico more influence in Washington than any other state.