Judicial Watch: Newly Released Emails “Smoking Gun” That Hillary Knew She Was Mishandling Classified Documents

Elder Patriot- It’s all becoming clear now thanks to Judicial Watch, Washington’s lone independent federal watchdog with the cojones and the funding necessary to take on a sitting administration. 

This week JW released 78 pages of new documents from the State Department containing emails that former Secretary of State Clinton sent and received over her unsecure, non-“state.gov” email system.

Remember when Hillary played dumb in response to the question whether she wiped the server clean?  She responded with this inanity:

“What? With a cloth?”

Could you imagine the outrage if President Trump played dumb like that?  He would’ve been excoriated for being unprepared for the presidency.

This woman wanted to be president of the United States.  She had been privileged to classified information for three decades yet she decided that her best path forward was to play dumb.

Everything the Clintons have ever said was first subjected to focus group testing so the calculus had to be that her followers would be dumb enough to accept that explanation.  That puts the lie to the “higher education” level of her supporters.

Thanks to JW there is evidence from email exchanges between her aide Justin Cooper (who apparently doesn’t have a security clearance), State Department IT Specialist Bryan Pagliano and Hillary Clinton that reveal Hillary “had detailed knowledge about the security issues with her non-State Department email system.”

Clinton’s email exchanges included:

  • September 29, 2009, email exchange between Cooper and Clinton discussing the backup of emails.
  • A  February 12, 2010, in which Sidney Blumenthal writes Clinton a memo passing along a speech on Saudi Arabia by Chas Freeman, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, urging closer U.S. ties with the Saudi Kingdom. Blumenthal also reportedly worked for the Clinton Foundation.
  • February 13, 2010, email exchange in which Clinton passed along classified information to Cooper. It originally was sent to Cheryl Mills (Clinton’s then-chief of staff) by U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual. The classified information included a note from Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa to Clinton. In the email to Cooper, Clinton asks him to “look for Espinosa’s note and respond.”
  •  August 24, 2010, Clinton emailed Cooper additional classified information to print, including the secretary’s call sheet for Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.
  • March 8, 2011, Clinton sent classified information regarding Bahrain to Justin Cooper, who reportedly had no security clearance, with instructions to show it to Bill Clinton.

So Hillary was transferring classified information using unsecure means of transmission, we already knew that, what else is new?  Well, here’s proof that she knew exactly what she was doing when she had the server wiped clean:

  • June 6, 2011, Cooper emails Clinton to tell her, “All of your older messages will remain on the server. There is a way for me to move everything on to the new device, but the security whizzes have convinced me that this is a horrible thing to do because you also transfer any viruses, spyware and junk overseas providers hide on there. We also have some new security features and polices [sic] that I would like to add to any new berry you have — the most noticeable difference will require a more complex password. It is a constant fight to keep up with the security measures and unfortunately we keep seeing reminders of why we need to.

There’s a whole lot more than the 55,000 pages Hillary handed over to investigators.   Like the 72,000 pages of documents the FBI discovered last year that Clinton attempted to delete or did not otherwise disclose.

All of this adds up to the fact that among all of the other laws she violated, Clinton deliberately perjured herself when she repeatedly told the court that the 55,000 pages of documents she turned over to the State Department in December 2014 included all of her work-related emails.

JW President Tom Fitton summed it up perfectly:

“Can we now also dismiss the myth that Clinton “cooperated” with the email investigations?

“The fact that Hillary Clinton and her agents tried to destroy or hide emails shows how she flagrantly and knowingly violated the laws that protect classified information and government records. And these new emails refute Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims of having little or no knowledge about her email system. She clearly was fully in charge of setting up her outlaw email system and overseeing its use. When will the Justice Department act?

“Or, to put it more bluntly, when will Hillary Clinton be arrested?”