Judge Opens Ellison Divorce Records. Minnesota Democrats Come Face-to-Face With Rejection of Due Process and Embrace of The #MeToo Movement

Elder Patriot – During the national disgrace that passed for the confirmation hearings of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh the only group that wound up against the confirmation once all the evidence had been examined were Democrats.

Inexplicably, they dismissed our long held legal precedent that people are innocent until proven guilty.  The charges against Kavanaugh were 36 years old, from his high school days. To call the evidence against him lacking is to suggest more evidence existed than what was entered into the record.

Regardless, Democrats rallied behind the seriousness of Christine Blasy-Ford’s charges as proof that Kavanaugh was a sexual predator.  Democrats questioning Kavanaugh on the Judiciary Committee were reduced to asking questions about farting that were referenced in his high school yearbook.

Now comes Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison who is running to become the state’s Attorney General.  Ellison, who also serves as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, is facing charges of physical and emotional abuse, of ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.

Monahan, was still in a relationship with Ellison when she told her doctor about ‘emotional and physical abuse’ from Ellison as recently as 2017.

According to a report from September 19, 2018, that appeared in the Daily Caller:

Karen Monahan’s account in the doctor’s report is consistent with what she has been saying publicly since August: that Ellison was emotionally and physically abusive to her while the two were dating.


“She states that she was in a very stressful environment for years, emotional and physical abuse by a partner with whom she is now separated,” reads the November 2017 report, a picture of which Monahan posted on Twitter.

While this doesn’t constitute proof of abuse it does brings Minnesota Democrats face-to-face with their blind rejection of Judge Kavanaugh while continuing to support Ellison.

Where Kavanaugh’s accusers failed to offer a shred of evidence against him, Monahan has, at least, a recent doctor’s report that suggests abuse by Ellison.

That’s what makes Tuesday’s decision by Judge Renee Worke to unseal Ellison’s divorce file or to redact “sensitive” information so important if it contains any evidence of abuse by Ellison to his former wife.

The Ellison’s moved to block the release but the left-leaning Minnesota Star-Tribune, who sued for access to the the files, noted that:

A writ of prohibition is an extraordinary remedy used when a court is acting outside its authority or in an unauthorized manner, which the Ellisons did not demonstrate, the Star Tribune’s response to the petition states.

Even without any additional corroborating evidence against the Minnesota congressman, there is already significantly more “evidence” supporting allegations of Ellison’s abusive nature that anything coming close to what was presented against Justice Kavanaugh.

The divorce fill was expected to be unsealed on Wednesday.

No matter what it contains, Minnesota Democrats will be forced to re-examine their rejection of Brett Kavanaugh.