Joy Villa’s Brave Stance Makes Loud Statement For Truth

ELDER PATRIOT – Whatever Joy Villa’s motivations were when she ventured into the belly of the beast at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards wearing a specially designed “Make American Great Again” gown she turned the entire event into an incredible visual contrast between the two warring sides of the political spectrum.

When Busta Rhymes took to the stage dressed like a Nazi storm trooper he delivered a pejorative-filled diatribe against President Trump that would’ve made Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels proud, absent evidence but long on rhetorical hatred.

Rhymes will be proven to have willingly sold out the black community as Donald Trump begins lifting blacks from the hell that were the result of centuries on government policies.  Rhymes is no different than George Soros who sold out his fellow Jews during the Nazi reign of terror.

Leftists have always used fear to establish hatred that results in the destruction of property to convince the wider society that their rage is justified.

The Nazi’s called it Kristallnacht – the night of broken glass.

UC Berkeley justifies the violence and property damage by similarly claiming this was a spontaneous reaction in the name of social justice.

One woman, Joy Villa, made all of this evident by her brave commitment to truly American values.  Joy showed us how a truly empowered woman exposes the truth.