John Solomon: Spygate Indictments May Be Coming As Early As This Week

John Solomon joined Lou Dobbs last night to discuss the significance of the latest declassifications of the spygate materials.

As you listen to Solomon, keep in mind that he’s an investigative reporter who has displayed a dispassionate approach to the politics involved.

It should be noted that throughout his investigation, Solomon has refrained from using hyperbole while discussing the Obama-era weaponization of our intelligence agencies to target the president’s political opponents.

“Listen, in my worst nightmare I could never imagine what would have come out this week.

“The level of information that the FBI had that raised red flags that they should have never, not even for a moment, entertained Christopher Steele as a human source as a confidential informant is now overwhelming.

“Overwhelming evidence.  Just think of the things we know:

“One of the people he was talking to was a Russian intelligence official who was under surveillance by it [the FBI].  They had separate surveillance on him yet they were taking Christopher Steele’s word that that was credible information.

“His other source disowned it.

“He’s paid by Hillary Clinton… Some of his information is disproved right away… he exaggerated his record at MI6…

“… Christopher Steele should never have been shown a door inside the FBI and instead we sustained two and a half years of an investigation into false allegations … “

This was an attempt to overthrow the president.  This was an attempt to align the entire FBI with Russian intelligence objectives and missions.

A real treat… Solomon and Dan Bongino discussed the entire false construct by Obama’s intelligence community against, first candidate, and later President Trump, at length on Bongino’s podcast yesterday… 

We have not been talking about the wrong things but our leadership in Washington has been talking about the wrong things…

Like Democrats blaming President Trump for a virus that originated in China, was stealthily incubated in China, and then released around the world by the Chinese, because Trump had become an existential threat to China’s plan for world dominance…