John Lewis: Freedom Rider or Career Race-Baiter – Or Both?

ELDER PATRIOT – Who is the Democratic congressman that is spearheading the boycott of Donald Trump’s inauguration that has now grown to include 47 Congressional Democrats?

John Lewis represents the Georgia’s 5th Congressional District.  He was just elected to his 16th term in congress. 

Congressman Lewis would like us to believe that he is so disgusted by the “rhetoric” of Donald Trump that he is left with no option to but to boycott Trump’s inauguration.  Is that really the case or does he just want to delegitimize anyone who doesn’t walk in lockstep with his personal ambitions?

This isn’t the first time Lewis has boycotted an inauguration.  In fact, Lewis hasn’t attended the inauguration of a Republican president since he was a congressional newbie in 1988.  Such petulance doesn’t deserve respect it deserves further scrutiny.

It seems Lewis was hand picked for the job as race-baiter in chief by his Democratic colleagues.  You see, Lewis gained fame and launched his political career by riding a bus over years ago.  Lewis was arrested and had his head cracked open by an Alabama state trooper for participating in the protest against segregated facilities that the Supreme Court had ruled to be illegal.

It was an act of bravery that Democrats will not let us forget 56 years later.  Somehow that qualifies him for sainthood and justifies everything he’s done since.  Oh, if the same respect were given to the returning American forces who walked into a massacre at D-Day or any of the other theaters in WWII that were at least as difficult as Lewis’ bus ride.

So now Lewis is showing the incoming president utter disrespect even though there is more in Trump’s past to commend his treatment of Blacks than there is in Lewis’ past. 

Lewis’ job is not dissimilar to those that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson fill for the Democratic Party, keep Blacks on their urban plantations and deliver their votes.  Personally empowering Blacks would threaten the Dems’ grip on those communities.

When it comes to broad innovative ideas to help Blacks, Lewis has consistently come up empty preferring to maintain the status quo and maintain his Oreo status among the Democrats’ power elite.

By contrast, real leadership is being exhibited by ex-NFL star Jim Brown, talk show host Steve Harvey, as well as Martin Luther King III who have met with Donald Trump and are prepared to counsel him and work with him as Trump efforts to improve conditions in their communities through empowerment and not handouts.

They agree with Trump’s desire to empower Blacks that would result in their joining the mainstream of American society rather than continuing the same treatment at the hands of Democratic governance that has left them a growing dependent class forced to hold on to a separate political ideology for the purpose of simply surviving.

Lewis and his Democrat colleagues are sending a loud message that they are resolved to oppose Trump’s agenda directed at helping Black empowerment.

Trump’s election is exposing the vulnerabilities of the establishment primarily because of the deliberate failures of its policies.  The swamp is beginning to drain itself.