About Those Jobs Americans Won’t Do… 150 U.S. Citizens Apply in First 3 Hours of Job Fair Following Mississippi Raids

Elder Patriot – Remember when the propagandists being promoted as economic/financial experts told us that the 25% tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the United States was going to be paid for by American consumers?

You probably don’t because the ChiCom government wound up paying for them thereby accelerating the decline of their economy.

Now, evidence coming out of Mississippi in the wake of the ICE raids on Koch Foods processing plants says that those same financial pundits who told us illegal aliens were doing the jobs that Americans wouldn’t do, were wrong again.

See the pattern there?  And the politicians who promised to represent our interests when they asked for our votes?  Well, a pox on their houses.

Listen to this local report from Jackson Ms., WJTV 12, covering the job fair Koch Foods held looking for workers to fill the jobs left vacant following the removal of those undocumented workers.

Bright and early Monday morning dozens of people turned out at Koch Foods employment centers in Morton and the WIN job center in Forest.

Tyler Penry:  “We heard they were hiring, so I came down here…”

Ramandus Davis: “I’m praying for the families of the people that got detained because of the situation that happened.  

“I feel bad for them but this opens doors for people that couldn’t get anything done.”

Hayley Willis: “As I kept seeing it all over the news, I was like this is crazy.  It’s like this will be more people who will be able to get a job.

“I need a job myself for me and my kids.”

Finding it hard to stomach all these xenophobic white males, eh?

“A steady stream of people showing up at the building behind me.  We are told 150 applicants in the first three hours of this job fair.”