Jaw-Dropping: WHCA Invites CCP Reporter to Briefing Two Days After Demanding Removal of OANN’s Rion… Video Shows Fauci Signaling Approval?

Have you ever wondered why the U.S. media seems to be little more than America-hating propagandists?  Or, why did they spend four years painting Donald Trump as a dolt and/or a deplorable human being? 

The answer came into focus yesterday as President Trump was submitting himself to his daily flogging at what otherwise is supposed to be viewed as a briefing on the virus that originated in China.

Two days after the White House Correspondents Association demanded pro-America One America News Network’s Chanel Rion be banned from future briefings due to social distancing restrictions, the WHCA invites a known propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party to attend… social distancing be damned.

After she asks a question President Trump, the man they labeled a dolt, immediately identified her as a plant:

President Trump asked her directly who she was working for and if it was owned by the Communist Chinese Party?

(The National Pulse) She replied that her company – Phoenix Media – is “privately” owned.

She’s lying.

The Hong Kong/Cayman Islands based Phoenix Media is actually owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and by a former CCP propaganda officer….

…  at least 65 percent of the company is owned by the government of China.

What in the effing world is the WHCA doing inviting a propagandist from, what with each passing day is looking more and more to be a hostile foreign power to ask questions meant to embarrass our president? 

It appears that then vice president Joe Biden’s price for fealty to the CCP was $1.5 Billion paid to a shell company owned by his son.  Now that we know the communists’ M.O. is it fair to ask how much it cost to buy members of the WHCA?

Ask yourself now, who is really the one fanning the flames of division in our country?

The CCP’s infiltration appears to go beyond the WHCA… watch Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci closely…

It appears that Dr. Fauci deliberately waits until everyone else exits the stage before acknowledging the CCP plant.

January 21st, 2020… This is not a major threat to the citizens of the United States

“Why aren’t you listening to Dr. Fauci?”, they ask.