Issues? We Don’t Need No Stinking Issues! Trump is a Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic, Xenophobe Because Hillary’s Media Machine Says So

ELDER PATRIOT – In my 56 years of following presidential elections I have never seen anything like this before.  Hillary Clinton is running from her record not on it, and the mainstream media is giving her a pass on having to answer any questions regarding her resume. 

Donald Trump is running against Mrs. Clinton’s three-decades long record and Mrs. Clinton’s media machine (aka mainstream media,) is ignoring it.  Instead, having found it impossible to attack Mr. Trump on his professional record or his policy proposals, they have focused their coverage on publicizing certain personal feuds and offhand comments he’s made during his life or that he’s made to get the people’s attention. 

That strategy might be acceptable if Mrs. Clinton was similarly asked about who comprises the half of Trump’s supporters she alluded to when she called us a “basket of deplorables” and what makes us such a distasteful bunch?

The strategy has found the mainstream media brazenly employing Saul Alinsky’s (Mrs. Clinton’s college mentor) twelfth rule, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it” in their wholesale effort to discredit Donald Trump. 

This, as much as anything else, explains why only 6% of Americans still have “a great deal of confidence in the press.” 

Despite the personal attacks Mr. Trump continues running on the issues most important to the American people.  He is talking to the taxpayers and those who wish they still were taxpayers because they realize that when the taxpayers are gone they will no longer have a country or a future.

These are people who Mrs. Clinton can no longer attract because she has cobbled together a coalition of malcontents and global robber barons– feminists, environmentalists, Wall Street big shots, international bankers, corporatists, and Black Lives Matters – under the umbrella of social justice and financial consolidation and turned her back on the rest of us.

A recent Gallup Poll reveals that on the economy the greatest percentage of Americans agree with Donald Trump’s contention that things can and must get better.

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Of the nine economic issues of greatest importance to Americans, Trump is campaigning on fixing eight of them. 

Mrs. Clinton has been praising President Obama’s handling of the economy only choosing to cite the wage gap between rich and poor as needing her attention if she were to become president.  Does anyone really believe that Mrs. Clinton will do anything to reduce the gap in wages between the rich and poor after accepting a quarter of a billion dollars from rich corporatists and bankers for a series of speeches? 

On issues other than the economy Mr. Trump again dominates the narrative:

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But, instead of focusing on Mr. Trump’s campaign platform and his track record of successful business building along with his stellar employment and advancement history with women and minorities the mainstream media is apparently intent on destroying him personally.  Their contention is that an unkind word directed at any individual for any reason is directed towards all people of the same gender, race or ethnic group.  They do not hold Mrs. Clinton to the same standard.  Why not?

For some reason Mrs. Clinton is able to attack all white males over a certain age (Trump’s basket of deplorables) without being asked to explain her self by the same mainstream media.   

In the recent debate Mr. Trump was accused by the moderator of violating all women because of some thoughtless words directed towards Rosie O’Donnell and his use of the term Miss Piggy.  I’m grateful that these same people don’t frequent my neighborhood bar.

The same moderator didn’t think similar questioning of Mrs. Clinton regarding accusations from Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and dozens of other women who were sexually abused by Bill Clinton and who then became objects of personal attacks by then First Lady Hillary Clinton were worth the peoples’ time. 

In the same debate the moderator was more fixated on Donald Trump’s tax returns than the larger issue of Mrs. Clinton’s reckless handling of classified materials. 

We know from Trump’s answer that his tax returns have been under audit for the past fifteen years.  We should expect that if Obama’s IRS had found something significant it would have been leaked it already. 

Unfortunately the same scrutiny could not be given to Mrs. Clinton’s 33,000 deleted and bleached emails.  No need to bother Mrs. Clinton with any questions about why her yoga exercises needed not only to be deleted but the server they resided on scrubbed as well.  Nothing to see here, move along.

The media is attempting to prevent Donald Trump’s common sense policies from being heard by attacking him personally and keeping him on the defensive.

Trump has overcome the Clinton media machine with the help of the alt-right media that has repeated his message of economic liberty and prosperity.  The alt-right media resides almost exclusively on the Internet. 

Hillary Clinton has vowed to destroy the alt-right media if she is elected and President Obama will be turning  Internet control over to an “impartial” international body at midnight on September 30th.   These are the same impartial international interests who have decided that Whites in the U.S. must pay reparations.  You know those same countries that are infamous for their own Internet censorship, the Russians and the Chinese.

Why is such an important challenge to free speech being virtually ignored by the Clinton media machine?  Is it because they are making their bones now so as not to be censored later?  Is this their strategy to reverse decades of shrinking circulation and financial losses?

We are witnessing what a monolithic media can accomplish without an equal counter balance.  They have a highly corrupt globalist politician, bought and paid for by corporate and banking interests on the verge of being elected president.  What will happen when the alt-right gradually disappears under an Internet censorship program?

We are witnessing the ages old fight against tyranny being played out again in its most modern form.  In 1980 another outsider challenged the status quo of the Washington establishment and also was met by a defamatory media.  He went on to accomplish great things including laying the groundwork for the best economy in modern times, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the freeing of at least a couple of hundred million people from the oppression of communism. We would do well to remember his words at this time as we prepare to vote:

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing