Insider Buzz: With Impeachment Failing, Pelosi Attempts to Extort Votes From Vulnerable Dems By Offering to Bring USMCA to Floor Vote

There are 31 Democrat representatives who won seats in districts carried by Donald Trump in 2016.  That was enough to shift control of the House from Republican to Democrat hands.

Those 31 Democrats won by promising to work with President Trump.  They haven’t.  

Instead they supported the most radical agenda put forth by the ‘Squad’ and shoved down Speaker Pelosi’s throat.  

Nearly everyone of those 31 Democrats (29 of 31) voted for the KGB-style rules governing Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) impeachment inquiry that Pelosi authorized.

Internal polling shows that those Democrats are now at risk of losing their reelection bids.  

If only 19 of those seats flip Republican, Pelosi’s totalitarian run comes to an end.

These contested seats are largely in districts that would benefit, some greatly, from the passage of the USMCA.  

Two sources who have asked to remain anonymous because they aren’t authorized to speak on Pelosi’s behalf have confirmed to PC that the Speaker knows this and is attempting to extort pro-impeachment votes from the 31 at-risk Dems by bringing USMCA to the floor where it has been expected to pass easily – as was expected since it was submitted by the Trump administration well over a year ago.

The desperation to remove Trump, apparently by any means necessary, suggests that Pelosi, along with the Democrat hierarchy are afraid of what else Trump’s Make America Great Again presidency is going to expose. 

Regardless of Pelosi’s intentions, if my sources are correct, and USMCA is passed into law, this will be a huge win for America.  And, for President Trump.