INFOWARS: Progressive Rags Losing the Information War Move to Shutdown FOX Business’ Charles Payne

ELDER PATRIOT – This all started when the MSM began accusing everyone from citizen journalists to Drudge and Fox News as presenters of fake news in their effort to prop up their globalist masters’ unholy attempt to command the world’s wealth. 

Their fake news campaign failed but they continued persevering and now the fake news narrative has blown up in their faces.  So they have resorted to the time tested strategy, if you can’t beat them then shut them down.

It started with Roger Aisles and then moved on to Bill O’Reilly.  Now they’ve set their sights on Charles Payne.  They just can’t stand the sight of a strong black man who believes in free markets and an ordered society because that undermines every lie that the Progressive movement is founded on.

Payne hosts the 6.00 pm nightly personal finance show “Making Money,” on Fox Business Network where he combines sage political analysis with sound financial advice.  He openly supports the policies of President Trump and that has propelled him to the top rating in his time slot.

Leftist cucks, race-baiters and feminists just won’t accept his presence on television and have moved to take him out. 

We have learned that Payne, who is married, had a three-year-long consensual relationship with a recurring female guest who was also married.  The woman later moved to CNN and here is where the plan was hatched to destroy the popular Payne.  Payne was crushing CNN’s pathetic Wolf Blitzer in the 6 pm time slot.

It seems that CNN has adopted the same psychological warfare tactics that have served the Clintons’ so well – identify the physical characteristics and public persona that can be turned against their target – remember Ken Starr and Paula Jones? 

Payne’s image is the quintessential Alpha male and that made him a prime candidate to be charged with sexual harassment.  The Left can always trust America to believe that Alpha males are Neanderthals once allegations are brought.

Now the Los Angeles Times, citing anonymous sources, reported Thursday afternoon that an unidentified woman had contacted Fox’s outside lawyers and alleged she was “coerced into a sexual relationship with Payne under threat of reprisals.” 

As a result Payne has been suspended pending a witch hunt, er internal investigation.

Really?  It took three years for her to realize that this was a relationship that she wasn’t comfortable having?  Why didn’t she go to Fox’s HR department while she was working for them and not years later?

And, what was the threat of reprisal that could force her to abandon her marriage vows that she had no problems ignoring earlier when she and Payne established their “romantic relationship?”

Alpha males are now squarely in the crosshairs of the cuckolded left who feel as threatened by them as race baiting black leadership does of successful conservative black men, and feminists do by truly happy independent women.  For Progressives successful role models represent the greatest threat to their message.

Men and women have sex.  It’s a natural instinct.  It’s how God has provided for the survival of the species. 

The left has weaponized sex against Alpha males just as it has weaponized sex against women, transgenders, gays, and children.

It’s time to take a stand against this vitriol and to admit the truth – sex is a fact of life and when one person makes an advance on another it shouldn’t be considered sexual harassment unless they were rebuffed and refused to stop making additional advances.  Filing a complaint three years later just doesn’t pass the smell test.