Hypocrisy? For Democrats Investigating Corruption Is A One-Way Street and They’re Impeaching the President to Keep it That Way

The criminal element that sits atop the Democratic Party ran us $10 Trillion into debt during Obama’s time as the head of their syndicate.  That is an indisputable fact.

That’s more money than the GDP of all but the top 15 producing nations of the world.  This is criminal, at least figuratively.  

We should be demanding answers, if for no other reason to be certain that the income disparity that grew under Obama’s watch wasn’t a result of the reallocation of that $10T.

Rather than demand answers, rank and file Democrats have contorted themselves into hypocrites.  

Rank and file Dems have and continue to excuse their party bosses efforts to cripple one branch of government – the presidency – with three years of endless investigations.  To what end? To protect the criminal syndicate of their heroes?

Their justification?  “If Donald Trump wants to be president then we have a right to know everything about him.”  

We can argue the merits of their reasoning but let’s accept it for the purpose of exposing their hypocrisy.

Hillary Clinton wanted to be president.  Democrats screamed bloody murder if anyone questioned the sale of Uranium One and dismissed the mere mention of wanting more information about the $145MM that found its way into the Clinton Foundation.

Joe Biden also wants to be president.  He’s a Democrat. According to some polls, Biden is the leading contender for his party’s nomination.  

Biden is the former Vice President who was President Obama’s pointman to Ukraine.  Ukraine had a corruption problem during the time Biden was in charge. Corruption trials are underway in Ukraine now that President Zelenskyy has been elected.

The is fairly substantial evidence that the U.S. State Department – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s State Department – colluded with corrupt members of Ukraine’s government to undermine the 2016 election.

That’s the same election that Democrats investigated for three years in a failed attempt to find evidence that Trump was tied to Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin, or any other Russian operatives.

Read the exact quote from the Mueller/Weissmann report:

Or, as the corrupt FBI agent in charge of taking down Donald Trump confided in his girlfriend in early 2017, “There’s no there, there.”  

None of this has penetrated the thinking of sycophantic supporters of Democrat leadership who appear to be attempting to buy off the jury – the voters – by promising them free everything.

Anywhere else this would be considered jury tampering.  Among Washington’s political establishment the two have no connection. 

Now, there are credible allegations – allegations that are more credible than those used to kick-start the investigation of Russia-Trump collusion – that Biden may have benefited from Ukrainian corruption.

Prima facie evidence comes from the fact that his son Hunter was appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings – a position he had no apparent qualifications for.  

According to the testimony of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, George Kent, a Democrat witness who Chairman of the Impeachment Inquiry Adam Schiff called to testify:

Kent was so concerned about corruption questions related to Burisma that he asked USAID to cease its association with Burisma. 

Burisma had a reputation for corruption, Hunter Biden was a member of their Board of Directors at the time, and he was compensated at three times the amount that board members of Exxon are.

Democrats, who invoke the Constitution’s emoluments clause if someone pays the going rate to stay at one of Trump’s properties, are deliberately blind to their hypocrisy.

Even after Joe Biden appears to have placed three phone calls to Ukraine’s President Petro Porochenko interceding on behalf of Burisma.  

A month later, the prosecutor investing Burisma was fired.  

While Democrats have spent two weeks trying to establish evidence that would warrant a formal impeachment of President Trump, they dismissed far more significant evidence that wrongdoing by the Biden’s may have occurred as unsubstantiated rumors.

That’s true.  And Democrat leadership is determined to keep it that way.

We can all understand why that would be the narrative of the party’s bosses.  After all, jails are full of innocent people. Just ask them.

But, rank and file Democrats, who repeat the party boss’ talking points verbatim, have to ask themselves if they’re still capable of thinking objectively.

Or, have they succumbed to Democrat bribery?

A decline of public morals will probably be marked by the abuse of the power of impeachment as a means of crushing political adversaries or ejecting them from office. – An American Patriot

Investigate Trump’s handling of foreign policy if you believe it necessary.  But when questions about Democrats leveraging U.S. foreign policy for their personal enrichment arise, they shouldn’t reduce themselves to being partisan hacks.

Sadly, a good portion of rank and file Democrats refuse to see that.