House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler to Hold Vote on Impeachment Investigation Procedures Against Trump

Elder Patriot – Yesterday, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) announced that his committee will vote this Thursday on a resolution to adopt procedures for hearings as it tries to uncover something with which to impeach President Trump.

Despite four thorough investigations – the FBI, the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence, and the 22-month long inquest by special counsel Robert Mueller – that spanned at least three years, Nadler will not let go of Democrats hopes of impeaching the president before he restores the constitutional order that Barack Obama and his administration left in tatters.

No matter what Hillary Clinton wants you to believe, Donald Trump is officially the most investigated person in Washington.

(The Hill) The announcement comes as Nadler and his committee are quickly expanding their probe beyond former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to include a series of new areas, including reports Trump dangled pardons to border and law enforcement officials, hush money payments made to women alleging affairs with the president and whether Trump profited from government spending as administration officials stayed at his family-owned properties during work trips. 

While special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was ongoing, polling showed that nearly 60% of the public favored impeaching President Trump.  

Once Mueller’s report was released the key takeaway became: “…the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated  with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Everything that followed the acknowledgement that Trump had nothing to do with Russia, was noise.  

From there, impeachment polling numbers turned against the Democrats with 60+ % now against impeachment.  

In spite of the media’s refusal to acknowledge that Trump and his associates were unjustly targeted,  most people began to realize there was never any evidence of Trump-Russia canoodling.

And, aside from Democrats representing the most radical leftist districts, the majority of Democrats in the House also began to realize they were beating a dead horse and that would hold dire consequences come 2020.

It was all an elaborate scheme to damage Trump and there would be no way to avoid the voters disgust over such a blatant abuse of power.

The public began to catch on to the fact that it was an attempt to deflect from the Obama administration’s weaponization of every government agency from the IRS, to the EPA, to theDOJ/FBI to be turned against its political enemies.  

All the while, Democrats and Decepticon Republicans obfuscated, delayed, and facilitated the attempts to take down President Trump before their own criminality in defense of the Obama administration could be exposed.