House Intel Committee Report: No Trump-Russia Collusion – Dems Amp Up Push to Divide America

Elder Patriot – The Left-Right paradigm has never served Americans well.  Its failure stems from the fact that it offers only binary choices to complex issues. 

It does, however, serve the interests of international corporations and mega-banks whose nefarious plan for domination of the world’s commerce is relegated to the business section of news reporting while Americans are left arguing over whether Republicans or Democrats come closest to solving our problems.

The Deep State exists to serve these global commercial interests.

Donald Trump’s presidency has taken a wrecking ball to the Left-Right paradigm and now the Deep State’s political operatives have launched a major counter-offensive.

Over the past two days those political operatives have begun emptying their entire arsenal against President Trump in an effort to turn the midterms into Trump’s Waterloo.

Three major developments have taken place this week that find Democrats and, in some cases, establishment Republicans aligning to marginalize the president’s support and to restore the divisive paradigm that allows corporations and the international banking community to grow fat with proper scrutiny.

HPSCI Exonerates Trump

First, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted to release its 250-page report ending its months long investigation.  The vote went along party lines.

According to those with knowledge of its contents the investigation found no evidence that the Trump campaign, or any of his senior associates colluded with any foreign during the 2016 presidential campaign.

But, the Democrats on the committee, led by their ranking member, Adam Schiff couldn’t blast the Republicans fast enough and claimed the report was a partisan effort and ignored available evidence.

Mr. Schiff offered no evidence to support his claims.  Nor has Eric Swalwell or any of the other Dems on the committee.  Nor has special counsel Robert Mueller who was granted broad prosecutorial powers and who has also found no evidence to support those claim after 10 months of his investigation.

Combined with the megaphone of the globalist controlled propaganda arm, the mainstream media matrix, this is now a Democrat versus Republican (Left-Right) issue and no longer a search for the truth.  Truth be told, it never was a search for the truth.

Outcry Over Tariffs

This is a relatively simple issue but it has become convoluted under the parade of corporate and banking mouthpieces that tell us that we can’t win a trade war.  What they are really saying is that they can’t win a trade war.

Here’s the simple truth:  It doesn’t matter how many vehicles General Motors builds.  It matter how many vehicles Americans build.

The stock price of GM may matter to them but jobs should matter to you.

$1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

Whenever Deep State defenders – and self-declared opponents of President Trump’s agenda – Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer get together to make policy you can be sure your interests are not being considered.

That became abundantly clear with yesterday’s vote on the bloated omnibus spending bill that exceeded 2000 pages and $1.3 Trillion. 

Those expected to vote on it had less than 24 hours to read it before being expected to make a decision on it. 

How do we call it bloated if we haven’t read it?  What else would you call a bill 14% more expensive than the previous, already bloated, spending bill that was expiring?  If you need more proof of the bloat check out Chuck Schumer’s gleeful declaration that it marks “the end of austerity.”

Austerity?  How can the “richest” country in the world have spent itself $20+ trillion into debt and have politicians claim that we need to spend even more?

Republican leadership intentionally scheduled the vote on the spending bill to occur virtually simultaneously to the president’s announcement that he was imposing tariffs on certain Chinese imports.  This allowed the mainstream media to blame the tariffs as the reason the markets were sent spiraling downwards. 

The intent was clear; diminish the market gains that Trump has been credited with since his election, something that many believe is his singular accomplishment.

All of these events are meant to convince you that you were wrong about Trump and they were right and to restore the Left-Right paradigm.

Trump can destroy the establishment’s charade by vetoing the spending bill and forcing every member of Congress to return to Washington and defend their actions before the people they purport to serve.

As we wrote yesterday:

President Trump knows that if this is the best Congress can do then he should call their bluff and veto the omnibus.  At the end of the day a shutdown will be much more painful to those politicians and their constituents who rely on the money than to his supporters who will be called on to foot the bill.

Mr. President punish the Deep State before they punish you.

End the Left-Right paradigm now!