With His Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party Mostly Completed Trump Shifts Gears To Become America’s White Knight

ELDER PATRIOT – On Tuesday night Donald Trump completed his hostile takeover of the Republican Party.  All that remains for the realignment of the party to be complete is for Trump to purge from upper management those who do not embrace his plans.  Trump signaled that that this was in his plans when he politely told those who expect him to move towards them that while party unity would be nice he didn’t think it was necessary for him to be successful.

Trump intends to turn the Republican Party’s priorities to the people who elected him and not to corporate and global interests, nor to the interests of people who have entered this country illegally.

He is intent on growing the Republican brand in the same fashion that he grew the Trump brand, by giving the people what they want.

Trump will now move from takeover artist to white knight in an attempt to save America from the Globalists who inhabit both political parties and who have had their intentions to effect a hostile takeover of their own exposed, a takeover of America’s institutions and the American people themselves. 

Trump’s message is being widely accepted by Americans of all political stripes for its vision in reforming the failed policies that defined the alignment of both parties and that had been stridently embraced until now.  Trump has rejected the Left-Right paradigm that had been used to divide us and, unshackled by party doctrine, pronounced an agenda that has broad appeal across party lines.

Proof that Trump’s message is resonating with the electorate is evident by the crowds he is attracting.  His most likely opponent, Hillary Clinton is forced to appear before limited crowds of vetted attendees who are still accepting of her identity politics message.  Trump plays to crowds easily ten times the size of hers because his message and vision resounds with hope for all people not simply the “rejected class” that Clinton has manufactured and nurtured and that she now preys on.

The closest thing to a white knight in recent political history was Ronald Reagan.  His populism united Americans and that led to peace and prosperity.  By carrying his message directly to the people Reagan was able to defeat the proponents of division.  Reagan fundamentally saved Americans from warring amongst themselves over phony issues and was successful in lifting everyone in the process.

Now Trump, unencumbered by the previous political alliances that tied Reagan’s hands, seeks to pick up where Reagan left off and go even further for the American people if the only accept them as their white knight.