Hispanics Should Be Very Worried While Muslims Are Rejoicing

ELDER PATRIOT – The election of Obama’s former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to Chairman of the Democratic National Committee should have Hispanics scurrying to distance them selves from the Democratic Party.  With Perez’ election the party delivered a strong reaffirmation that this is still Obama’s party.

The real story here is Perez’s selection of Keith Ellison to be his top deputy because it confirms the party’s commitment to continue increasing our country’s Muslim population so that they become the dominant voting bloc.

Perez’s performance in destroying job growth while labor secretary cannot be blamed on George Bush.  Under his guidance policies were implemented that severely crippled entrepreneurial opportunity in the United States.  Hispanics have proven to be our country’s most entrepreneurial social class.  This should not be dismissed out of hand.

The Democratic Party has a history of destroying opportunity for their alleged constituent groups.  They were once the party of slavery, and despite an extensive and expensive decades long marketing campaign to suggest otherwise, there is ample evidence that the only thing they’ve changed is their methodology.

Democrats were once the party of working class Americans until they systematically destroyed their employment opportunities by shifting their jobs overseas.  Today, it is impossible to argue that working class Americans wouldn’t have been better off without the help of the Democrats and their union cohorts.

Similarly, Democrats convinced Blacks that they were the party that was looking out for their interests and Black trusted them in enormous numbers.  While some Blacks have improved their conditions the vast majority of Blacks are living on urban plantations stripped of their dignity and absent opportunity.

It is no secret that Blacks are worse off today than they were before the Democrats started helping them.

Hispanics are hardworking, industrious people with strong faith in Jesus Christ.  They should be very wary of throwing in with the Democrats whose policies punish hard work, discourage entrepreneurship, and who have turned their party over to atheists.

Perez’s election obscures the ascendancy of Keith Ellison and the party’s commitment to making Islam the dominant religion in the United States.

To a large degree, the Muslims coming into the United States under Obama’s executive order do not share the desire for economic prosperity of previous immigrant groups.  Because of their low expectations for freedom and work they are the perfect constituents for the Democrat party.

If you think I’m howling at the moon look at the facts.

The anti-Trump women’s march is a case in point.  How in the world could women claiming to be frightened of a Trump administration find comfort in Islamic Sharia law?  Yet that is exactly what they did.

Seizure of the president’s Constitutionally and statutorily established immigration responsibilities by the Ninth Circuit created a Constitutional crisis.  Instead of admitting that, Democrats heralded the court’s decision.  Why?  Because it advances the importation of Muslims regardless of the risk they might represent to Americans.

Then there was Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s Middle East destabilization policies that necessitated the refugee crisis in the first place.

More proof comes from Hillary’s deliberate use of an unsecure personal server that made available our nation’s secrets that she was entrusted with protecting.  In light of more recent revelations about how the Awan brothers gained access to top secret information from the computers of Democratic representatives Andre Carson, Luis Guiterez, Jim Himes, Terri Sewell, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell and Patrick Murphy, and the fact that there is no outrage from within the Democratic Party, strongly suggests the party is complicit in getting classified information into the hands of Muslim leaders including terrorists.

A number of years ago I was in a briefing led by General William “Jerry” Boykin who had served as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.  Back then Gen. Boykin outlined the Islamists’ twelve-step, decades long plan to dominate America by gaining control of our institutions. 

It’s no coincidence that in a nation of 230 million Christians and 4 million Muslims our schools are teaching our children the tenets of Islam while outlawing any mention of a Christian God.

It’s no coincidence that a crucifix in a jar full of urine is defended as art by Democrats, but any cartoon that depicts Mohammed unfavorably is not similarly protected rather being met with outrage by Muslims and their Democrat protectors.

It’s no coincidence that Muslim of undetermined intentions are being relocated to the United States at a cost that is multiple times what it would cost to create safe zones for them in their own countries, that is if we accept the premise that they are responsibility in the first place.