Hillary’s Campaign Team Charges Obama With Turning America Into a Seething Hotbed of Hate

ELDER PATRIOT – During day 2 of the Harvard Institute of Politics’ quadrennial Campaign Managers Conference, Hillary Clinton’s communication director unloaded on Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway by accusing her of running a campaign based on hate.

Following a statement by Conway where she said that Trump’s victory was a result of addressing the concerns of rust-belt residents who had been left behind by Obama’s economic policies, Palmieri hurled this beauty at Conway, “If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am proud to have lost.”

If Trump won the election because America suddenly turned into a hotbed of racism then Clinton and her staff have Barack Hussein Obama to blame for that, not Donald Trump.

These are the same Midwestern voters that twice voted for Barack Obama to be their president.  In 2012, the voters of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin cast nearly a half million more votes for Obama than they did for Donald Trump this year.

Midwesterners may be many things but if they’ve suddenly morphed into white supremacists then Barack Obama is the person the Clintonistas should be blaming.  Trump was busy building his businesses for the past eight years.  If any racial barriers were erected during that period then we would have to blame the man who was in charge over the same time.  Frankly, Obama will leave the country more divided over racial issues but there is absolutely no evidence that race was a factor in how the states that decided this election voted. 

The only racism being spewed is the despicable narrative being put forth by the Clinton campaign that is characterizing people who voted for the candidate who promised to bring renewed economic vitality to their communities as anything other than citizens voting in their own self-interest.