With Hillary’s Approval Obama Unleashes His Army of Racists

ELDER PATRIOT – Barack Obama spent the first 92 months of his presidency fomenting racial unrest.  Now, with Donald Trump ascendant in the polls, and Hillary Clinton desperate to turn back Trump’s growing legion of “Deplorables” she has implored the Campaigner in Chief, Barack Obama to unleash that carefully cultivated army of Adorables.  The past two nights in Charlotte that is exactly what we witnessed.

There are the people that Mrs. Clinton made certain had nightly primetime speaking spots at the Democratic National Convention.  These are the people that Obama/Clinton donors have given a billion dollars to with the full support (and guidance?) of the sitting president and Hillary Clinton. 

Last night Hillary’s Basket of Adorable contributors to American civility felt the need to make their voices heard in a “peaceful protest” that this compilation of video evidence reveals:

Attempting to set journalists on fire,

“Protestors” shooting other “protestors,”

Hurling projectiles from overpasses into cars with children riding in them,

Beating up bystanders because of the color of their skin,

Destroying windows in the neighborhood’s apartment buildings,

Hijacking the cars of people simply trying to get home,

Trashing buses that their neighbors must ride to get to work,

Looting the Charlotte Hornets for some new Air Jordans,

Assaulting members of the media, as well as,

Destroying and looting the cash registers from local businesses.

To Mrs. Clinton these are the contributors to society that she has put at the front of her campaign to be president.  These are the people that need to be protected from the rest of society’s “irredeemable Deplorables.”

These are Hillary Clinton’s Adorables.