Hillary Supporters Suffering Nationwide Mental Health Crisis

ELDER PATRIOT – When Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff realized that Donald Trump was prepared to attack her on her long history of failures they decided that her path to victory could only be by convincing the voting public that Donald Trump was more detestable than she had proved herself to be and that he posed a greater threat to our freedoms than she does.

The corporate puppet masters who promoted Hillary Clinton to the Democratic Party’s nomination directed the mainstream corporate media that they own and control to amplify Mrs. Clinton’s disgusting attacks on the character of Donald Trump.  The MCM relentlessly parroted claims that Donald Trump was a sexist, racist, xenophobic homophobe and that he was a Russian agent and a member of the KKK.

Hollywood’s elite, the music industry, and virtually the entire entertainment industry joined Hillary Clinton in declaring that Donald Trump was the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, or worse.

Mrs. Clinton added to the frenzy by calling Trump’s supporters “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”    

Support for Mrs. Clinton came primarily from two demographic groups, college students and inner city residents.  Both groups live in bubbles surrounded by like-minded narrow-thinking people like themselves. 

Both groups fear people who do not look and think like they do.  And Hillary Clinton did her best to tap into these fears.

There is nothing in Donald Trump’s past or from his campaign rhetoric to substantiate any of Mrs. Clinton’s claims, but a good portion of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters chose to believe them anyway.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president a significant percentage of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters have gone into a collective psychological meltdown. 

Dr. Pete Sulack is a stress expert who founded StressRX.com.  His clinic has had more than one million patient visits over the past 13 years.  Sulack blames the current psychosis that Clinton’s supporters are suffering from on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign messaging and the journalistic malpractice of the mainstream corporate media. 

Dr. Sulack accused the media of having actively fueled “fears of some kind of Nazi regime under a Trump presidency.”

According to Dr. Sulack, Clinton’s campaign exploited the fact that “problems and pain” are powerful motivators, especially among the ignorant and disenfranchised who have difficulty analyzing issues logically.

Dr. Sulack explained that, “When we read, we can rationally discuss the issues or definitions of terms at hand.

“But, when we see pictures, however, a different part of our brain is engaged.  That part is the limbic brain, a part also activated in stressful situations, because it is key to survival. This is the most primitive and un-evolved part of us. It acts on emotion, is irrational, childish, and afraid. It can be rude and boorish, and sometimes even cruel.”

Mrs. Clinton and her supporters fed into these irrational fears with the visual messaging contained in her television advertising and via social media imaging.

The fears among her supporters were amplified by their tendency to share social media channels with like-minded people leaving them, according to the doctor, felling “hopeless and powerless.”

Mrs. Clinton eschewed discussing the issues during her campaign choosing instead to run a campaign based on emotions and fear.  This was a conscious decision by her.  The current anti-Trump mental health meltdown being suffered by her supporters that has left them unable to attend classes or to sit for exams must be blamed on her.

Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime screwing those who supported her.  Now in her final major public act she has orchestrated the largest mental health problem since Jim Jones convinced 918 members of his cult to commit suicide.  Of course, the final numbers aren’t in yet for Mrs. Clinton’s followers.  She saved the biggest screw job for last.